1996 Civic Hatch Street Racer

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whats up. i wanted to swap a motor into my hatch and then build it up. im more into street racing then auto cross...and track drag is little more different then from going from light to light. Anyways i no if ur building for drag you should go 2.2 but a friend of mine has it, and with the extreme amount of torque it juss keeps spinning. Is there anyways that u could compensate for all the spinning...or should i just swap a different motor. ( i.e ls or gsr )
traction problems can be solved by better tires, good suspension setup. Learn to feather the clutch and stop dumping it.

You really have to learn to drive your car. You can't dump the clutch at 5k and you can't easily let off and then punch it.. you just have to learn how to drive your car.
coo coo, but what do u mean but feathering the clutch....my suspension im planing is type r shocks with skunk2 coils...i plan afterwards to get strut bars...sway bar...traction bar....
he means.. dont rev it to 5gs and just let go of the clutch (dumping) you have to let it out a little slower.
Originally posted by 22crazy@Feb 16 2003, 06:56 PM
oh ok. coo coo....i was juss wondering....will my suspension setup be good for a h22 thanx

What suspension set up?
what i wrote b4....typer shocks wit skunk2 coilovers...sway bar, strut bar, traction bar...btw i planning on 5 lug convo thats why i can get the skocks
It will still be pushing it for serious handling.But it will be good for daily driving.Honda's (or many other's as well) parts are not applied at the edge of the capacity.
Originally posted by 22crazy@Feb 16 2003, 08:27 PM
then what would u consider for serious handling

Auto X is serious handling.
h22's in a civic does add weight, but you can counter some of it to the back with a CF hood, relocate the battery.

An h22 civic is fine for daily driving, but it DOES feel nose heavy and so you wont be taking city street corners ar 25-30 anymore and you wont be autoxing unless you can hook up a kickass suspension setup.
actually their really isnt any auto-x in toronto...well none that i no of...so im really not worried about that....but i would really like good handling. I do plan to get cf hood, maybe even stock looking fiberglass fenders...and relocate battery...but maybe sum better coilovers would help?
Finally someone else like me that sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Welcome my H22 brotha.

I'm doing this swap also and I'm taking my coilovers off and going with high rate springs instead. CF hood and plenty of other suspension components are on my list as well.
yah man, i need something with crazy torque....my buddy had a 22 in a accord and thru a ZAPPP to a vr6 hard...i plan to follow in his footstep ;) except now in a 96 civic hatch. But as u were saying, u think its better to throw out coils and get some good springs? what kind of springs are u looking at (company names)
Well, the big reason why I wanted to switch to springs is cuz springs have a higher rate and they are stronger than coils. My plans are to mate Eibach's progressive springs with a set of KYB gas shocks. I've had good experience with the KYB's on my Mustang and I thought I'd stick to them. My list consists of struts bars all around and maybe even a 6-point roll cage later on for the extra rigidity. I'm trying to get some plyeurathane bushings as well.
I call it my budget suspension build up.

I'm still trying to figure everything out for this swap because I need to step up the suspension and the brakes.
Originally posted by 22crazy@Feb 16 2003, 10:06 PM
my buddy had a 22 in a accord and thru a ZAPPP to a vr6 hard

is this canadian slang? :lol:

I never heard the saying "thru a ZAPPP" before
lol ya man...oh yah i was just wondering....ive read alot through these forums and ive seen a consistancy of high prices for motors. Im wondering like when u guys say a type r motor will run someone 4-5 thousand (im assuming US funds) when here we can get it about 4-5 thousand canadian. When u guys list price is that like for a bran new motor, or used?
That price is used from a engine seller.Type R's new are way more than that,Around $9000-10,000 running in your car.Longblock and tranny over $8000 alone.<----priced at Eissman Honda,Germany.
ya man, same thing here in T.Dot, we can get type r's used with like 35-50 k on them for like 4000-5000 canadian...but still i give respect to all engine builders....expecially in the States. WOW like u guys are so dam ahead of us its not funny....our fastest import 4 cycliner i think runs low 9's....in the states u got what low 7's....messed up shit but its all good....thats why i turn to these forums...get the info from the best ;)