1998 Klr250


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Welp... I bought another bike.



I bought it looking like this, missing a throttle cable(the other was for the wrong bike), broken choke lever, missing kill switch, broken front brake cable, no battery, no turn signals, hacked off rear fender, leaking gas tank, an o-ring chain that looked baaaaad, and covered in mud.

But, clean title.





But, it had a clean title, cleetus wanted $500 cash, so it came home.

I've put less than $500 into it, and it will pass inspection once the throttle cables arrive.


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Total number is $1228.48, including purchase, parts, tags, and title.

I may need an air filter, but we shall see, the original one cleaned nicely in some degreases. The throttle cables came today, and I got them installed after work.

It runs, moves, stops, starts, etc. It idles, somewhat. It gets warm and then doesn't like to idle, I'm thinking valves have never been adjusted. Unfortunately it doesn't rev over about 5500rpm, and the top end makes a lot of noise, so either the valves are way off, the cam chain is super loose, the cam lobes are wiped out, or it's got some other issue. Given the idle issue, and the rev issues, I wonder how out of whack the valves are.

I'll do an oil change, run fresh oil through it, then do a filter and oil change, just to see how much metal is in the oil. Hopefully it's not bad... However, it does start relatively easily hot and cold, so I'm not expecting anything catastrophic.

Got it tagged today, so once I fix the only-does-5000-rpm and doesn't-like-to-idle issues I'll take it out on the road.

Picked up a new helmet too, this one is so light I almost don't notice wearing it. It's a Klim Krios Pro with the Senna 10 Bluetooth installed.



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Queue the narrator voice. "But it wasn't an easy fix, it was the worst case scenario, as usual."

Carb top is cracked.

Cam chain is really loose, and the tensioner is maxed out.


And the cams are scored pretty good.

So, looks like it's going in the back of the garage for a while, until I get less pissed off at it for being a steaming pile of garbage.


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Cam chain is under the 20-link service limit. It seems like the cam chain tensioner doesn't extend fully all the time, which sucks, because there's no way to check after you install it.

I'm going to put a manual cam chain tensioner on it, new intake cam, and run it.