1998 Klr250

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Got it running. I reset the float height, cleaned everything out again, and got a better idle air screw installed, this one doesn't leak air. It runs great. It starts easily, revs easily, has enough power to climb hills immediately off-idle, and generally applies power well now. I'm pleased. I may have had it up to 65 on a gravel service road, and had to back down... :D

I shimmed the needle .02" with a washer, and that seems to have given it a bit better mid-range, lowered the power a bit. I've got a #120 jet coming, so that'll take care of it permanently without a shim.

Now I just have to wait for the Carburetor to Airbox boot to arrive, since the stock one is kinda trashed from years of heat/cool cycles.

Since I haven't seen any pictures of peoples' toolboxes/pouches, here we go:



Tools inside:
8, 10, 12, 14, 17mm wrenches
Bikemaster t-handle 1/4" sockets (6, 8, 10, 12, 14mm, Phillips)
Vessel Ball Grip JIS screwdriver (+1, +2, +3, -6, PZ2, PZ3)
Small Flat screwdriver
Kawasaki Specific Spark Plug Socket
Replacement Spark Plug
Kershaw Knife
Spare tail light
Pen + insurance information + photocopy of registration + rite in the rain pad
USB Battery bank + USB-C cable
Needle-Nose Vice Grips
Etymotic Earplugs
Test Leads
Electrical tape
Rescue Strobe
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Took it out for about an hour ride, and naturally, it leaks oil from literally every top end gasket. Guess I'm gonna do a top end soon. Like, it's only a couple mL every hour or so, but that means I've gotta keep a close eye on it, which kinda sucks. The cooling system is working well, charging system, brakes are good, it runs through the gears nicely, clutched or not, and the handlebars are at the right height for me to stand on the pegs while riding.

Lots of fun, easy to ride, and it's SO COMFORTABLE to ride. The clutch needs to be adjusted, it grabs at the very end which makes turning from a stop sign interesting, lol. The bars need to be replaced, I don't like the "pull back" angle of them, it's just slightly awkward feeling, if my shoulders weren't so broad it'd probably not be an issue.

It's everything I hoped a baby KLR would be.
Derp. So, I forgot to torque down a head/valve cover bolt, and lost that somewhere... Oops.

That explains the copious amounts of oil lost.
I found the missing bolt, cleaned some of the oil off everything, and found a bolt in the combined "honda bolt drawer" that @GSRCRXsi and I have in my shop. Turns out a honda d/b series timing belt cover bolt will fit the valve cover bolt hole perfectly, and it properly interfaces with the stock gasket/washer thingie.
Just because the novelty of a motorcycle with a 12v DC system hasn't worn off yet, lol:

It's a Garmin Drive 60lmt, and it had a setting to seek out gravel and unpaved roads, so it may be useful. However, I don't anticipate using it often. Navigation on a bike is kinda dumb IMO, the whole idea is to get there whenever. It's not permanent, at all. The knock-off $12 gopro however, may be permanent.
I would use my phone for music in one ear, and set up turn by turn via GPS as well.
Very useful when out for a cruise in a completely unknown area, or to get back home from said completely unknown area.
bluetooth headphones!
I would use my phone for music in one ear, and set up turn by turn via GPS as well.
Very useful when out for a cruise in a completely unknown area, or to get back home from said completely unknown area.

I have a Klim Krios helmet, with the integrated bluetooth thing, it's very nice, good audio too. I'll get around to binding it with the GPS, and apparently I can bind my phone to the GPS so I can control audio through it too? It could be interesting.

I've used GPS on my phone on my Trail90 to get back home or to tell my wife when I'll be back home, so I see the value in it, but I'm not keen on leaving it on the bike all the time.
That headlight is impressive!!
I wonder how it is for oncoming traffic?
Got a new set of handlebars.


I had to manipulate the bracket for the LED light slightly... It's actually designed for a klr650, so the dims are a little different on the narrower 250.


And here's the hi/lo:

Just in case anyone thought I've cleaned my garage, lololol. Nope.

Ugh I would die in that garage mine is so small and if it’s not clean it totally sucks.
I finally got around to setting the valve lash on it. It was super tight on the intake side, like, no "lash" at all. Should make starting easier, heh.

Maybe it'll feel a bit more powerful. :D
I took it out on a short trip yesterday just to get out of the house a bit. It starts nicely, idles pretty well, but I need to fiddle with the carburetor a bit more. I think it needs a #120 jet instead of the #118 it has right now.

It has a slight issue at moderate speed, anything under 4500 rpm, but partial throttle, so I may have to add another washer under the needle in the slide, after I do the #120 jet. This carb doesn't have a clip to move, so this is dee wai.

The front wheel is not right. Not sure what's up yet, but it's "bouncy" and probably just needs to be trued up. I'm not sure if I can do that with a tire on, but we'll see.

The front tire wasn't set on the bead all the way. Now it is though... I had to put 80lbs of air to get it to slide on though, lol. Now it's round.