89 Crx + 96 Integra Gsr

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Ok guys, my buddy is looking into this swap, he just bought a '89 CRX with a bad engine and might be able to pick up a totalled GSR Integra, he is looking to swap the Suspension and complete drivetrain, as well as any other good parts.

Does anyone know of any good references, such as articles or websites that deal with this or similar swaps into the CRX?

Thanks in advance.
Depending on the price, I would pick out EVERYTHING from that car and sell it. You could fetch a cool 3 grand for the engine and another 500 or so for the suspension with brakes and stuff and sell it to someone with a 96+ Civic. That would leave you with 3500 for whatever you wanted to do to the rex in OBD0 or OBD1 trim.