90 CRX-B18A1 Swap... Half Shaft Problem

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First a little background info:

I got a 90 CRX given to me: bare shell, stripped, poor body work, wiring hacked, and just generally a mess.

I purchased a 91 Integra LS wrecked in the rear with a b18a1. only problem was that it was an auto. wanting to convert to manual, i purchased a trans on ebay, long story short had a hole in the case. had a shop weld it up and had a transmission guy go through the tranny, everything looked good.

I am attempting to use the fronts suspension/axles/brakes etc. off of the integra. I read that you have to use a halfshaft that matches the transmission. not thinking the ebay listing for my trans could be incorrect, I purchased a b18 M/T half shaft. i say this because i was told when trying to use a b16 halfshaft with a b18 transmission there are some lining up issues.

While putting in the transmission, we had a difficult time getting the left side motor mount to line up. but finally after some adjusting, got everything to bolt up.

I just finished cleaning up and painting all the Teg suspension, and got it all installed.
went to install the half shaft, and it slides in without a problem, but where the plate on the end goes to bolt up, nothing lines up. in fact i cant even get the bracket to sit flush against the engine.

since then i have purchased 2 more half shafts to make sure it wasnt a b16/b18 issue, (one b16 and one b18) and neither of them work either

any help or ideas?
the halfshaft is bent,ive never seen the holes be off like that,they are always just to the left a little,never up or down like that
its a b17 transmission..... now i need a b17 half shaft from a 92 gsr
are you two serious it dosent matter if its b16 b17 b18 b20 they are all the same some have female outer joint and some have male outer joints but they all bolt up the same
first of all, all i know is what ive read, i am not a honda expert, nor do i pretend to be one.

the reading that i have done has said that the I shaft has to match the transmission.
when i looked up my transmission code, the only stamp i could find on the transmission was YSK1. when i looked that up online.... one site said it could be from a 92 gsr with lsd.

after i read this i assumed that being a b17 transmission was the problem. fed up with the intermediate shaft dilemma, i modified one of the 3 shaft i had. i had to grind down the bracket so that #1 it would clear the block to finish its rotation to sit flat against the engine where it bolts up. #2 so that where the bolts went in it was flush and not at a goofy angle.

this pic represents where i had to "trim" the bracket to make it fit. the darker the red color, the more i had to take off.

since then i have done some more reading just for my own knowledge and have come to realize a few things:
#1 YSK1 was stamped onto all cable transmission housings, so im still not sure what kind of transmission i have
#2 I'm not convinced that if you have a b18 trans you have to have a b18 shaft and the same for the b18 shaft. as near as i can tell they are identical except a 3 digit code on one of the sides. otherwise, the dimensions are nearly identical

i'm not sure why none of the shafts i had didn't work :D