91 Integra Swap

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I have a 1991 Acura Integra RS with a B18A1 (OBD 1) and I have a 2000 SI motor(B16A2- OBD 2) ready for swap. What is the better root for the OBD differences? Use my stock ECU wired for vtec? Get a SI ecu? Skunk 2 Ecu? Skunk 2 conversion? I dont have a wiring harness for new motor, I was planning on using OBD 1, but a friend said to run OBD 2, I have to change fuel injectors, distributer, alternator, and some emissions crap. Is he right? I also want to know how a GSR-94 Y1 tranny is for that engine. Should I stay with the LS tranny, use GSR stock, or switch some gears? help me out-- thanks DaN
Umm. if ur trying to decide to swap in b16 or leave B18. then id stick with b18a. B16a's in Integras are pretty slow, and no torque. its pretty much
140hp 127trq ~ B18a
160hp 111trq ~ B16a
I wouldnt convert if u dont have to, but if u really want the B16a in there go nuts. if it were me id save for b18c, so i could keep torque and get some extra HP and vtec. even tho its anout $1500 more
Originally posted by farmer_jason@Dec 29 2002, 09:05 PM
ls v-tec

i agree.

go to our FAQ forum at the top and get an idea of the ls/vtec conversion process.

b16 in a teg sucks. you will be slower than you are now-

on a real note- you are going to have a SHIT load of wiring to do.
your 91 teg is NOT obd1, its obd0.
unless you can prove to me otherwise, i don't buy it.