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Welcome Everyone!
I'm Andrew and this is the project thread of my 1991 CRX Si!
I'm gonna try and get this main page organized for quick reference, so I'll try and edit it as I go along.

Page 1 -
Pulled the D16A6 out
Pressurewash engines and engine bay
Install D16Z6
Page 2 -
Got my Boomslang harness and sortof installed it.
Loaded up the Rex to take it to my friend at his shop to help get it going.
Got my 15" black Rota Slipstream's in. looking hawt!
Page 3 -
Changed the fuel pump out for a Walbro 255lph
Mounted the Slips
Got the motor running (after changing distributors)
Had oil leak. Started talking with KMS about rebuild.
Page 4 -
Sent head off to machine shop for surfacing. Results
Pulled shortblock/tranny out from under the car
Talked more with KMS and got a 'build plan'
Decided to start a wire-tuck. Wire Tuck thread
Page 5 -
Ordered some new gaskets and things.
Swapped suspension with Abel (Taco15). S2 springs/GR-2 struts
Lowered car pics (on Fat Fives)
Masked off engine bay for paint
Started cleaning up and laying out parts
Page 6 -
Picked up a fan and a 1" MC/BB from Pick n Pull
Compared fan sizes, mocked up on Radiator.
Crimped on disconnects on the injectors
Ordered/Received -6an fuel line stuff.
Page 7 -
Modified stock fuel line to accept -6an adapter
Installed 1" Integra MC/BB
Started researching brake upgrades
Page 8-
Mocked up Fuel rail assembly
Got new brake fitting flared on/installed.
Page 10 -
Got new tires for the Fat Fives. 205/55/15 Yokohama AVS ES100's.
Picked up 10.3" rotors
Got -6an fuel line connected to stock firewall fitting
Started talking about Catch Cans
Page 11 -
Cleaned/Mocked up tranny and Distributor
Page 12 -
Page 13 -
Received motor from KMS
Top 5 reasons to NOT use KMS.
Examining things that are missing
Page 15 -
Installed Motor and got it running (kinda). Sounds good!
Page 16 -
Driving it around the yard
Page 17 -
Fuel line setup
First startup VID
First race VID
Page 18 -
Engine specs overview, Cam specs and valve timing specs
Good outdoors pics of the car and motor setup
Page 19 -
Pics at school in the morning
Changed IAT
Checked plugs
Scared my buddy with the OOGA horn.. VID
Page 20 -
Exhaust talk
Page 21
Youtube and Photobucket Videos
Went to the track -
15.6 @ 91.8mph VID
Page 22 -
Pics from Gainesville Raceway and Another VID
Timeslip scans
Page 23 -
y8 intake manifold
Exhaust! pics and VID
Carwash pics w/ pink flowers =]
Page 25 -
Smiley VC teaser pic
Started building the shop
Put on the CAI
Page 26
Performance Smiley mod
D's > B's picture
DIY Catchcan fab/install
Page 28 -
Cool LED shoplight night pics
Page 30 -
Camera tripod mount in cargo area for Autocrossing & VID
DYNO pics/vids
DYNO Graph
Page 31 -
Autocross pics
El Camino pics
Page 33 -
Cometic Head Gasket arrived
Oil Sandwich Adapter
Installed oil gauge
Page 34 -
RC Race pics
Page 35 -
Looking to buy a Civic Sedan with a B16 in it
Page 36 -
Bought the B16 Civic! PICS and VIDS
Pulled the B16 out
More RC races
Page 37 -
Pulled the D16 out
Put the B16 in
Fooling around with the ITR header and Full-race Traction bar
LOTS of detailed pics on engine removal/installation.
Page 38 -
LOTS of detailed pics on engine installation. Con't.
More pics of traction bar and ITR header fitment
Page 39 -
Vid of B16 running.
Fuel line setup on B16
Lots of VIDS on the shaking/vibrating axle problem.
Page 41 -
Terrances ITR Skidplates
Axle comparisons
Page 43 -
Notched rear crossmember for rear mount clearance.
Got new axles installed.
Car wash
Pics of the Shop
Caliper and Knuckle clean and sandblasting
Page 44 -
Picked up a [/COLOR][/COLOR]Garrett/Airesearch TBO335 (T3 Series) turbo. Specs listed.
Fixed a nail in my tire
Page 46 -
Pics of the Turbo and then Disassembly at school. Turbo is seized. Returning it.
Page 49 -
Flipped brake booster hose
pwned Terrance regarding ricer painting.
Page 50 -
Terrances Red engine bay
Page 52 -
Dyno day again! Plenty of pics
Terrance and Chris' runs
Spongebob engine pull
B16 Valvetrain
"Special sandwich"
Strip and shave B16 Valve Cover
Yanking A/C out from under dash
Yanking Wires off motor to redo wiretuck engine harness.
Page 53 -
Fabbing gauge bezel in center console
painted B16 VC
Page 54 - [/COLOR][/COLOR]
Removed dash
Sideskirt and Lip thoughts
Finished painting VC
Got the stock crossmember back in
Fabbed sheetmetal firewall plugs
Page 55 -
Got dash back in
Devin got new wheels on his EG Sedan
Ordered heater hose cancelling plug from Acura.
Interior almost done
Working on boost gauge install
Page 56 -
Interior Finished
Got the VC on the B
Finished the gauges
Picked up a DA drivers side axle from PnP
Axle disassembly pictures for ref.
Page 57 -
Axle seal replacement
Installed Heater hose plug
Relocated main ground
Page 58 -
Ryan's cool CRX wide-angle lens pictures
Pics and VIDS from Gainesville Raceway in the PT CRUSHER
Page 60 -
Pics of Savannah trip
Compression test results
Page 61 -
Difference in OEM Honda/Acura Cams for Ref.
Objects in Mirror Are Losing sticker
Gold Bolts, DC Dash, and SRT-4 intercooler
Page 62 -
Redid engine bay with gold bolts
stripped DC dash
Page 64 -
Degreased and cleaned up hood components
Stripped D16 VC of all paint
Picked up JDM seat
Redid Passenger side wire-tuck.
Page 65 -
Painted some front end parts
Picked up NOS kit
Panda sticker
ENDYN's <$900 NEW head talk.
Page 66 -
Comparing JDM seat with my USDM
CF hood
Page 67 -
First Friday Art Walk
311 Concert
Page 68 -
Started B16 removal
Redoing drivers side tuck
Cleaning up B and D parts
Cleaned up GSR cams at school
T34 Startup at school
Page 69 -
B16 pulled out
D>B picture
Page 70 -
Tear down for Paint
Sprayed Primer Coat
Page 71
Painted 1st Grey coat
Finished 99% of Engine Harness
Page 72 -
Painted 2nd Grey coat
Page 73 -
Started reassembly. Firewall plugs, Brakes, cables, etc.
Installed D16Z6!
Page 74 -
Pictures of my CBR1000F Hurricane
Secured fuel line
Painted Header
Bawls VTEC cap
Page 75 -
Wheels wheels and more wheels. Trying to decide.
Installed radiator
Painted fender wells
Installed Right fender
Discussed plug beside distributor. Oil passage? Gauge install?
Page 76 -
Finished installing body panels
Engine shots
Finished "low" end, car is back on it's wheels
Outdoor shots! (FIRST ONES!)
Painted Valve Cover "rustic yellow"
Page 78 -
Tool box from school
Wired lights in shop (shop's a mess!)
Startup VID!
Page 79 -
Coolant overflow can - Thanks Terrance!
Finished Console project (gauges)
Cleaned up shop
Cut Crossmember
Air Filter on TB
Page 80 -
Devin's tragedy at the track, Teardown photos, and spider/worm videos!
My B16 Teardown begins
Picked up 1989 240SX and start working on it.
Page 81 -
The '86 Jeep CJ7
Plug Wires
Page 82 -
VTEC Solenoid painting w/ new oil switch
Devin's Carnage Bolt.
KSport Coilovers installed
Turbo option - Garrett M27 .48/.48
[Page 83 -
Injector talk- DSM installation writeup and Factory Injector chart
Page 84 -
Mocking up SRT-4 Intercooler.
Page 85 -
My turbo kits
Page 86 -
Bolted on the 14b
Bought Radiator/Fan
Turbo Outlet welded
Oil drain / VC Breather parts
Mounted Vacuum manifold
Started sawzalling IC piping
Page 87 -
Mounted FMIC
Dropped Oil Pan to add fitting
Pulled VC to add fittings
Welded Bumper Support & Xmember
Bumper mounted
Fabbed Downpipe
JB Welded VC, BOV, & Oil Drain (Do not attempt)
DSM Blacktops cleaned at Shiver's
R & R Head with Cometic HG
Page 88 -
Me and Terrance R & R head off again w/ drilled Cometic gasket. (hope it works!)
Fabbed Wastegate
Installed Injectors
Installed Valve Cover
BOV installed
Oil Pan installed
Welding & JB Welding Downpipe (installed)
Bumper mounted (again)
New vacuum manifold placement (on Rail)
Page 92 -Bought my DD Civic Si!
Page 93 - Me and Terrance swap wheels
Got new radiator to fit
Terrance polished Fat Fives
]Page 94 - Terrance fabbed (CNC) my oil drain spacer
Fabbed hot side piping (pie-cuts). wood first, then aluminum. (2" sched. 80)
Terrances Ramhorn rant
Hot side piping taped and ready for welding (via Terrance)
Hot side WELDED! lookin HOT
Page 95
Hot side mounted
Radiator in
Dented hood :(
1st Startup vid!
Compression check
Page 97
GSR in the rex
Aeris (turbo)
Page 98
GSR Ripper vid
Page 100
painted VC, cleaned jams
car wash /clay bar / polish
Page 101
Pics of the R-110 and future rat rod body.
Page 103
Assembled the Volvo 15G
Page 104

Peel & Seal Sound deadening (like Dynomat)
Page 105
DIY Seat pan swap. (Installed JDM CRX Seat)
Dyed carpet.


Lets get started!

The D16A6 had 265k miles on it when it decided to bend a valve(actually 3 valves). So I decided to take a big step and perform my first engine swap with Honda's. Installing a D16Z6.


Got the header off and a few other little things

Got the axles and shift linkage out:








Comments are welcome. BTW this is my first engine swap... ever, and I did it by myself(with the help of my mom on the hoist half the time ), so if I did something stupid.. o well.....

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Update- 6/16
I cleaned everything up(engine bay and engine): before and after pics:










Tomorrow I get the new engine (d16z6 with 11.5:1 CR).

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eg6sir said:
looks good.. you better update this mang..

Like I said, I'll be picking the new motor up tomorrow night, so I'lll have an update in the next couple days(plan on installing it Sunday.), so keep your eyes out.

yeah, I have a friend in Mesquite. He said there was some problems, evidently thats one of them... (just for you I just walked out and watered my lawn for 1hr.......:p )

A z6 mini-me for now. I can't remember what all he's done to it(a friend of mine here in town), but I know it's got 1.5l pistons and probably a y8 hg that bumps up the CR.

I eventually plan on throwing a small turbo on a single cam vtec motor for a daily driver. not particularly this motor, but he's selling it with a lot of stuff for real cheap, so i can't really pass it up.

Updated ALL the pictures. It's all resized and in order. And got rid of the walkthrough type stuff, it's all there, just need to use your head as to what I did...

No engine tonight. I'll pick it up tomorrow at lunchtime.
Update tomorrow night.

Update 6/18







I have one question, though guys..
Whats this plug? It's got two wires on it, and it's not on my z6...(harness is off a6)


? If I remember right(check tomorrow evening after work), it's not something I can tak off of the a6 head and put onto the z6... i'll get pics tomorrow, but it's about 5in behind the alternator plugs.

Thanks fellas
dude sell me those ac lines!!!!!!!!! Its me Abel from Tally. I'd like a full view pic of your car if you dont mind. I think i've seen it around town
lol your still looking for a/c lines, you shoud have gotten mine when you had the chance.

anyways I would have to see a better picture of the plug to help out
^ I'll get a better one tomorrow after work.

it's the only plug right under the IM/plenum...
rectangular with two plugs.
gotta go to sleep, but expect a new pic tomorrow evening.

possiblly the fan switch plug. On the A6, its behind the engine while on the z6 its on the thermosat housing.
Got the new picture, so here you go.


And can someone let me know which wires control what for my vtec? i'm assuming it's the right coloring of wires.


the grey plug with the green wire goes to the vtec, not sure about the other plugs, they dont look famillar to me. the plug on the back I think it for the fan switch.
The big long one(in back right) is the only wierd one I've found. I found a plug just like it on the sensors on the firewall behind the IM, (emissions crap), but what else would it be for??
I bought these harness' for wiring in Vtec. what vtec wire would need this??

On my Vtec selenoid, there is a green plug(broken... gotta find another one), where the grey one goes, and a green wire coming out of it. What plugs into that wire? anything?

and the Red/orange wire from the vtec plug is just a ground right?
I've been useing this famous picture to help me, but it's a little different, obviously, than a SOHC, as i don't have the knock and the secondary intake sensor.


Anything else I should know about wiring wise?