Andrew's engine swap (pics)

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^This guy is back?!?!? HS is back in my daily life :)
Welcome back Andrew :D
LOL! Glad I can provide! I've missed Hondas so much since my hiatus. Recently, we changed the clutch on Jellybean (Mac_24_Seven's Del Sol) and boy-oh-boy was I happy to be under the hood once again. (I never stopped 'wrenchin', but didn't own a Honda for a while.)

Previous post/update updated!
Did a couple things today:

Bosch Cap, Rotor, and Iridium plugs



MMMmmmmm ... I think I just picked up about 5hp! ;)
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Did some maintenence on a friend's b20b/gsr trans.



Of course I test drove it (first time.)

Felt great!! Pulled hard till 5500... I can tell the cams fall out after that. PLENTY of power(tq) till then, tho!

I'm sold...
Bought a CRX today! (well, technically, Terrance did. But we kinda share everything...)

Literally drug it out of the woods! Let's RESCUE IT!!!




As I left to go home... this is what I saw:

Well guys, I have all these plans made for the car, but I just got word: Me and the wife are moving to Patterson, NY for the summer!! Super-looking forward to it!

However, this means my plans for the car might be changing! lol. Shouldn't surprise anyone by now... I'll still be doing things here and there, but I doubt I'll be swapping the engine out (unless I find a good deal up there! We'll see. Patterson is out in the country in upstate NY... May not be a lot of Honda-heads up there.)