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Welcome back! I just moved to Crestview about a week ago.

Serious?! I just moved away from Crestview a few months ago. We'd been there for 2 years. There's not much to do there, but it's super nice to be close to Ft. Walton Beach and Destin.

Nice good looking lady. What are doing for work these days?

I do a 'lil of this, 'lil of that... I work regularly as an American Sign Language interpreter, and I work on cars on the side when things come up with friends/referrals.
We live a simple life, low bills, low(er) stress...We also spend as much time as we can volunteering in a worldwide Sign Language ministry... Fun fun! ^_^

I can't wait to start doing some projects on this car! Here's a couple more pics for yous guys.


Equipped with 12-SMD LED dome and trunk light:

My favorite part.. guess why (coming from a CRX):

Only dents in the car. Previous owner was hit 3 times in this area! bumper, trunk, and 1/4 panel show signs... My friend over in Pensacola does Paintless-Dent-Repair. I want to get these dents pulled out sometime soon:

Since I've owned the car- New valve cover gasket, ICM, radiator, hoses, ac compressor/dryer/expansion valve, and a good cleaning!

I did indeed! I got my Airman's Certificate from the FAA (never expires), and went to work for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) which is a subsid. of Delta. It's their regional fleet. Wanna go from Tallahassee to Atlanta? Atlanta to Charlotte? More than likely they use Bombardier CRJ 200's, 700's, and sometimes 900's. These are what I was trained to work on. Cool stuff!! I loved it!

I ended up stopping my work there because of it being Night-shift. (they obviously don't want the planes being worked on during the day-time, since they're losing money.)
It was tough for me to work nights...
I worked 25yrs for Northwest, and then the 1.5 under delta and what a bunch of lawyers.. We financed our own buyout through legal ranglings.
It used to be fun but they have ruined it from what it used to be.

you'd probably do better with Southwest..

I know I said I'd be updating soon... but I've had a pretty crazy week, guys!

I've got a few projects planned soon... patience!!! :)
Ok guys, I started ordering some things..

Rotors, Ceramic Pads, and a fuel filter.

I really want to drop a b20 with a GSR trans into this thing. My wife wants more passing power! and I'm not complaining...

Any advice on picking a B20? B20Z...B... I don't really know the differences except the compression's are different. (IIRC the Z's have higher?)
What should I expect to pay?
For the regular b20b, expect to pay anywhere from 600-750. Anything more than that is way to much. For the b20z ive seen them go from 750- 850... Id go for the higher comp b20z this time around....
Good to know! Thanks dude. I've seen them cheaper, but I suppose it's all about who you know!

I've already put a post on our local forum looking for one. In the mean time, I'll start gathering my parts! :)

I've seen some cool NA builds. These motors sure do pump out some impressive torque numbers with bolt-ons!
Yeah, the B20Z would be the one to have in my opinion. For a couple hundred bucks more you get higher compression and more power, plus a newer engine...
Ok guys, I've got my eye on a Local B20b (i know..) for only $100 obo. It ran until it was pulled, but it was pulled because CYL 2 & 3's rings went out. He claims the cyl's are still in good shape, no scarring, etc.

I don't think I can pass up that deal! Since I need to rebuild it anyway, I'm sure I could find some PHK pistons out of the high-comp motors, OR upgrade to something better for that matter.

Does anyone know how much the stock B20 sleeves can safely/reliably be bored?? They're 84mm stock... I've seen 84.25 pistons/rings/bearings for a few hundo... hmm...
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84.5 is fine- I ran that bore for 45k miles without any problems, and the engine came apart clean on the rebuild.
Good to know... I can't really find much 84.25 stuff anyway.
What was your setup?

The more I'm planning this out in my head, the more I'd prefer to leave it stock bore if I could. Just hone it and check Piston-to-Wall and see what it is...

Things are falling in line! That same dude with the B20b also has a LS trans (i'd prefer a GSR, but the price will dictate...). We'll see how much he wants for the combo.

Meanwhile, my buddy says he picked up a B20 shortblock from Pick n Pull and has swapped out the pistons for some higher comp ones... I may be able to pick his stock "PHK" pistons up for a reasonable price.. Making my compression identical to the Z's. (9.67:1)

I've learned the difference between the two models also lies in the camshafts... apparently the Z's are slightly more aggressive... I feel like if I'm gonna change them out, why not buy some regrind Delta's or something and actually make a little power?

honestly, for the sake of reliability, id go with a jdm b20. low miles, and it would prob be cheaper when you figure machine shop costs, gaskets, misc brackets that might be needed....
Good to know... I can't really find much 84.25 stuff anyway.
What was your setup?

84.5 bore, 12.6:1 compression on Wiseco pistons and Eagle H beam rods. Everything else stock with a B16 head, made 185/140 to the wheels on that first setup.

honestly, for the sake of reliability, id go with a jdm b20. low miles, and it would prob be cheaper when you figure machine shop costs, gaskets, misc brackets that might be needed....

Huh? Mileage won't make any difference once you rip it apart and rebuild it.
Wow! High comp, great numbers!

I'm still shopping around for parts. Need to get:

94-01 Teggy mounts (All models but the GSR rear T-bracket will work. IDK why, but that's what everyone says. Confirm?)
94-01 Shift linkage
94-01 LS ECU (they say they run the extra .2 liters fine... I'm open to suggestions)
94-01 Axles/midshaft
Motor. (b20z preferably)
94-01 Trans. LS or GSR, right now, I don't really care which. The only differences are the 3-5 gears. If I can get a LS for cheap, I'll just do it. I can always switch later!

Any suggestions?

I'd love to do this WHOLE thing for under $700. I think I can do it! I've always loved reading budget builds that look good and perform well... Since I'm not (currently) attempting to swap a vtec head onto it, I think i can make it happen! I'll keep track of the costs this time.
Also, does anyone remember when I took a similar pic with my CRX? I just had to do this, cause it's spring time! :D


So grandma-ish... I love it! :D
So Photobucket is currently undergoing some maintenance, but I still wanted to post an update from this morning's stuff:

-Changed the brakes and fuel filter. (new blank rotors and Ceramic pads.) Got a good deal on all this stuff from Rock Auto. It was all $53 shipped! killer...;)



-Sandblasted the caliper brackets. Since they're aluminum I left them raw.

Installed the brakes. BOY I really wanted to pull the calipers off and blast them too! but I controlled myself, in hopes of doing a Prelude caliper/Mini Cooper 11" rotor upgrade, along with SS lines.. SOOOOO, I held off.

-RainX'd the windshield

-Back-to-Blacked all the black molding on the car

-Painted the blindingly-chrome wiper arms.




As you can see, I still need to get those little clips to hold the cowl-cover down. I have no clue where the originals went. lol. How did the previous owner lose them??? weird...

I'm happy with the results! Brakes feel great, wipers are no longer an eye-sore. Big update, huh?! lol....



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Jesus, I really need to get out of the midwest. You guys down south can make a 15-20 year old car look new again with just some polishing products. You can't find a 92-95 chassis up here that doesn't have severe rust problems at this point...

Bummer, man! We've got our fair share of trashed out cars, believe me... I just wouldn't be driving them...

BTW, did I mention I bought our car for $500?

Stupid Photobucket is STILL down.. I'll edit that post when it's back up.