B16a1 Or B16a2

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I have a 95 civic dx and am looking at doing a swap this summer. I have seen complete swaps for the B16A1 for about $1300 and the B16A2 for about $2300. Which one would be better for me? Is the 10 hp. difference worthe the extra $1000. Right now I am just looking for a little more hp. My 1.5l just isn't doing anything. I want a reliable daily driver that has some spunk to it. Later down the road I may seek turboing it. I am a college student so for now I would like to spend the least amount possible.
Please let me know what you think.
neither.... you want a b16a SirII, it is an OBD1 JDM motor that came out the the civic SIR II or the JDM delsol... If you can find a b16a3 that would work too, but it is hard to find, it came out of a usdm delsol vtec...
There is more too it than 10 hp.There is the transmission actuation B16A siR (90-91) is cable your car and the B16A siRII (92-95) is hydraulic.The OBD of the siR is OBD 0,and your car is OBD I.In short it is well worth the extra money toget the 92-95 motor for your car,to avoid a ton of problems.
definatly get an OBD-1 or 2 motor ... better to have too many sensors and not use them then have not enough sensors and run like shit cuz you dont have them
OBD-1 will be the best for your car ... but you can make an OBD-2 work with a little wiring
I have thought about an Ls. To be honest I am not sure which one I should get. I could either get the Ls or the B16A SiRII. I am planning on turbo charging later on but for now it would just be NA. Which would be the cheapest in the long run with the best performance? If I had each of these motors and ran about 8-10 psi. which would be faster? Thanks for the replys
I'll probably catch hell from the LS fans,but I'm going to say that the turbo B16 will make the LS it's bitch.With the right tuning of course,but for the MONEY,the LS owns.
the LS will definitely cost you less then the SIR II engine.

with turbos its hard to say which will be better, it depends on the way you build and tune it. The LS has a lower CR which will allow you to run more boost on stock internals, however of your building internals then you will be replacing rods, pistons etc and you will be able to get low compression pistons for the SIR II as well.

Both engines will give you a fast car if turboed, the LS will be cheaper.
Originally posted by luVTEC@Apr 9 2003, 03:48 AM
The LS has a lower CR which will allow you to run more boost on stock internals,

this is very untrue.

the ls Does have lower compression, but the b16 has stornger rod/rod bolts
they will both top out at 8-10 psi on an average sized t3/t4
:blink: Thats the first time I've ever heard that.

If its true then I'll retract my previous statement. <_<

I'm curious, what is the source of your information? :ph34r:
Is it b/c it has to take the strain from a higher reving engine or what?