b18a in to a gen 5 civic

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:unsure: hey guys and gals i was wondering if it would be smart for me to put a b18a in to my 93 civic dx what would i have to do to it and will it work
B18A = cable tranny, OBD-0
93 Civic = hydro tranny, OBD-1
aside from legal issues of swapping in a motor older than the car ... it will be a pain in the ass switching the tranny and OBD shit around... just get a OBD-1 B18B
Someone offered a 90-93 b18a motor to me for 300 (no trans). Would it be worth it to buy it for a swap. It would go in to a 92 ex. That seems like a good price but judging from the response to the last question i'm having doubts.

thanks :D
please start your own tread for your question next time.....

you will need to buy a B series hydro tranny and im pretty sure you will still have OBD issues... if the motor is in good condition with low miles it might be worth the trouble ... otherwise id still say get an OBD-1 B18B
your harness will not plug into that ECU, im pretty sure the engines harness wont plug into the cars harness, and im not sure but i dont think there is a harness converter for OBD-1 to OBD-0 so you would need to swap out the entire harness in the car (id rather have my teeth bashed out with a brick)
get an OBD-1 engine
I always thought this was the breakdown for ls motors-

92-93 b18a, obd1- cable clutch-
94-95 b18b obd1- hydro
96+ b18b obd2- hydro

The 94-95 run off the p75, and the 92-93 is pr4, but they will both run the motor. Please correct me if im wrong...
yes, you're correct solReaver. as far as the b18a block for 300, it had better be clean...for that price.

if you get the ecu, wiring harness, and everything else i think the only issue you will have is the o2 sensor. i'm not positive, but you might have to change from 4-wire o2 to 5 wire o2.

and then get a b16a hydro transmission and you would have a quick little car.
this is a complete swap. as in complete motor and complete tranny linkage and mounts ecu and wiring harness for 150 dollars from my buddy steve it has 135000 miles on the motor which will be completely rebuilt. is it worth the trouble
yeah drew the 90 is obd0 not obd1, hey drew just ask shawn he will work it all out for you.
The 90-91 LS is obd0
The 92-93 LS is obd1
So u will b able to drop it in using stock wiring i believe, but u will need to get a tranny from a 92+, and im not sure if they bolt up to the 90-93 LS engine.