Cam & Timing

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I haven't done very much work on my engine myself. I bought a manual and I feel that I can do some work. I wanted to put a better cam into my engine. I feel I can do this but what about the timing. My buddy who worked on my car told me my timing was way advanced. How do I learn about timing and does anybody think I should/could do this or just have somebody else do it ? I just want the timing correct.
are you talking about your ignition timing??

thats super easy... all you need is a timing light.. they can be had for like 30 bucks at auto stores

if you look through the article section i wrote one describing changing cam timing.. and it tells how to adjust ignition timing in there too
So when my buddy tells me that my timing is way advanced, can i do that myself? I'm just new to the scene. sorry
advanced timing can add power a little bit like 1-2 hp but will make you need to run higher octane gas to keep the engine from pinging its not really worth the benefiets in a four cyllinder arent worth the damage that it could cause but if its a race only vehicle then it is fine with a couple degrees advance or more
So how do i bring it back to (normal) ?? If i manage to install the cam correctly, can i do the timing myself ? I want it to run correctly. Also, will VAFC help with my tuning?
get a timing light. its the only real way to figure out where you are.
advancing the timing is pointless to try to gain power from it. all you are going to do is put more stress on the car.