Cutting Or Leaving Off Front Bumper Support

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WHen I first installed my intercooler the front bumper support touched the top of the intercooler and covered up about 3 rows of it. Last night I took it off to make sure the intercooler wasn't getting beat up from this. Well there was no obvious marks but it seems like many people leave these off when they mount their intercooler, what do you all think! I left mine off for now, plus that is a lot of weight reduction but will it affect the chassis support ar is it just there for safety. Let me know what you all recomend, should cut it or leave it off. Thanks for any suggestions.
Also anyone know what the weight in the front bumper is for, I am assuming to help absorb bumps or something but I was just wondering what its for.
Take a picture :)

If it is covering 3 rows of your intercooler, that is causing you performance loss.

I would ditch it if it will not cause your car to become unstable.
In my body shop we do this all the time.After taking off the support go to lowes and buy some 1" alluminum flat sticks and make some brackets to add for support.Very cheap and very easy to make and install.And yeah dont rearend anyone becuase everything up front will get smoked.Rad,fan, turbo,etc,etc,etc.So really think it over and see if that airflow is worth it.I also took it off my car.
buy an intercooler that fits.

i dont understnad the point of these huge ass front mount intercoolers. if you justbought one that fit that was efficient, you wouldn't have this problem
The interccoler does fit, as I said It just has one small spot that rubbed so I figured I would use a Dremmel and make a notch there. And as for efficientcy it is a very nice Spearco intercooler so it does fine and its not insanely huge its made for my car, just that small spoth that rubs. The main thing is it is just really thick which is good but a little tight behind the bumper support.