del sol roof light


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ok, you know in the gauge cluster the little image of your sol. on your guys's sols, when you have the top off and locked into the trunk, is the red roof light supposed to turn off? or remain on, in red? i thought when i first bought the car, locking it into the trunk would turn that light back off. but now when i have the top in the trunk, the light remains on.


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I am having the same problem. It used to only be on when the top is either not latched all the way (trunk or on car) or if the top is not on the car at all (when I autocross) but a few weeks ago when it was almost 70, I took the top off, threw it in the trunk, then came back, the light was still on. So I figured that one of the latches in the trunk did not stay on. So I go back there, it was fine.

I would like to also know this fix.


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sounds like whatever sensor tells it that the roof is secure, went bad
not too sure what/where that is though :shrug:
its supposed to be off when its locked in the trunk.

my driver side sensor on the trunk rack is loose and flickers sometimes. check that one