Dents And Dings

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does anyone know how to get dents and dings out of my civic without chiping the paint out?????i wanna try to do this my self...keeping it low budget
how u fix a dent/ding depends on how big it is and if there is a crease in it or not. if its not bad you should be able to pull it out by using a plunger. also bondo works wonders too :)
Rubber Mallets (noun) plural :1.) having or pertaining to more than rubber mallet 2.) Many rubber mallets
Rubber Mallet ----->
If you can't identify that tool, take your car to a shop and let the mechanics price gouge you. :lol:
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Feb 1 2003, 11:35 PM
Rubber Mallet ----->

I hate that pic. I use a rubber mallet all day long to shut paint cans. I hate my fucking job. (I do a lot more than that all day. Being mgmt and haivn got do actual work sucks)
:werd: Two words I hate hearing at work


take out all your interior and push on it :)

itll pop out :spin:
Sometimes .. placing a sticker .. ("Type R", "Racerzz", etc) will swallow up a dent. </sarcasm>

Be warned that this swallowing up effect, can sometimes create a massive blackhole called .. "Riced Out" for your car .. so be careful.