Does anyone know the difference..

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Green on the scene.
..between an engine and a motor?
cuz for some reason it bugs the fuck out of me whenever people refer to there b18 or h22 as a "motor".. cuz its not.
ummm engines are motors, in a way... can you explain why cars are described as motor vehicles?

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According to this definition, motor falls under the category of "engines"
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engine-1.a machine for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy or power to produce force and motion.

motor-1.a comparatively small and powerful engine, esp. an internal-combustion engine in an automobile, motorboat, or the like.
personally, i use the two interchangeably. maybe its because i grew up around boats and the engine is usually referred to as "the motor".

i dont think it really matters which one you call it, people will understand...
when i think motor, i think electrical.
ummm engines are motors, in a way... can you explain why cars are described as motor vehicles?

for one, cars do have motors in them, but its not the b18 or h22..
for two, they advertise oil as motor oil, but you dont use oil in motors.

a motor is either electric, hydraulic or.. fuck, i forgot the other one.
you guys better not come to the south cuz everyone calls them motors here :D
"Motor" is interchangeable. "Engine", not so much.. Thats the way it works in my head anyway. Electrical engine just doesn't seem to make any sense.

I've always looked at it as:
Motor=device for propulsion or motion
Engine=device that converts thermal energy to motion
internal combustion motor doesnt seem to make sense either.

"Internal combustion engine" is a motor. I've heard it called motor though; may not sound right but it's correct. Ever heard of "rocker motor"?
So every engine is a motor, but not every motor is an engine...?