Father Son Project any advice appreciated.

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just update here.. having to visit another site for updates is annoying
Thats awesome man! I'm glad to hear it. I checked out the thread on the crx boards you had. Awesome stuff man! Thats one hell of a project you took on!

keep posted i have an all motor itb d16a6 im working on.
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just update here.. having to visit another site for updates is annoying

Ill update the thread :/

It will just be some time before I can sit down and update all my threads. The site has really taken off and people seem to be really interested in seeing two guys wrench on shit in a garage :p

keep posted i have an all motor itb d16a6 im working on.

Most def! I showed my father your thread and he had the same thoughts as I. "What a crazy mofo!" HAHA! We will be sure to keep checking the posts!
Just a quick update from the last week.

The Green GSR has been in the body shop since late last week. Just got a call that it will be done at 1:30pm EST today. We will be picking the car up and possibly putting the aftermarket header we picked up on ebay on it.

We ordered some suspension parts for the CRX as well as got a REAL good deal on a Ram Horn turbo manifold (not sure its gonna give us any HP gains however they look REALLY cool :wink: ).

The other night when we were having a few beers surfing the local craigslist, we found a b16 skunk2 pro series intake manifold. Called the kid and picked the unit up within 30 mins. We plan on using the B18C1 block with a B16 head (based on the recommendation from a reputable honda drag racer in our area) so this manifold will be perfect.

We plan on redoing the valvetrain, as well as re-sleeving the block. The reason we are thinking about going with the eagle stroker kit is because it comes with the entire rotating mass with out spending the amount you would on each component individually. Don't be confused. We are not going stroker to raise the compression. We are going to be using forced induction so no need for high compression.

Just also wanted to add that we aren't buying everything new. We are just buying the most important parts (that we feel) new. We are constantly watching craigslist for potential upgrades and always check ebay for parts before ordering new in most cases.

Although we have a 9k budget we all know that it would most likely take about 5k or less to take a new evo. We just figured if we are going to build a drag car.... do it right.

We are still on the hunt for the needed traction upgrades etc.... After watching several drag video's on youtube it seems the biggest battle with these fwd honda's is traction. We hope to identify some of the issues with weight transfer and balance and come up with some solutions to help keep launch and traction under control.

Remember to check the twitter for updates on when we will be doing stuff live on cam :wink:

More coming soon!
Also what turbo are you going to use? the one that came with the red tegi?

What motor mounts are you going with? What fuel pump? Are you going to tune it on chrome?
How about injectors?
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I'd get something like this. One side with the heim joint and the other with the factory bracket setup.
Innovative Mounts Competition Bar - Honda Civic / CRX 1988-1991 (EF): Evasive Motorsports | PH: 626.336.3400 Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm PST

Awesome man! I wasn't sure if there was something out there like this or not! Thanks for the reference. Ill show my father this and see if this might be something we can make.

Also what turbo are you going to use? the one that came with the red tegi?

What motor mounts are you going with? What fuel pump? Are you going to tune it on chrome?
How about injectors?

I am not entirely sure yet on the turbo. I really haven't done my research yet on turbo's. We are thinking about going with the hasport mounts, not sure yet on fuel pump. Any recommendations?

One of the biggest reasons I am building this honda was because I would like to dabble in the tuning end of things with computers. Being that development is one of my professions I was hoping to get into computer remapping. Ive heard of chrome however have not seen it in action.

I am also struggling with what to do ecu wise with this build. I think I will need to register at the site suggested previously in the thread and ask some questions. The plan is to get the car running with the stock p72 from the gsr then go from there.
Hasports are good but last time i checked they were way more than the mounts i have. http://www.innovativemounts.com/
Just don't get ebay ones because they shift the morot towards the firewall witch makes the cv boots rub on the lower control arms.

For the fuel pump, im only using one walbro 250 and pushing out ok hp. The injectors your going to have to match it to the turbo as you probably already know.

I cant give you that much info on turbos because I've only used two different turbos on my car. One being a misubishi16g (got 333whp on 18psi. It spooled about 3,300-3,5000 if i remember correctly) and the other, whats on my car now, holset hx35 (got 450whp on 22psi. It spools about 4,200-4,300). This is all on a log manifold. I bet if i had a mini ram I'd see a bit more gain. If your looking for good power and dont want to spend over a thousand on a turbo I'd look into the hx35. I picked mine up for $150. I can't remember correctly but i think the one with the 7 fins on the compressor wheel is the one you want to get the most, but it's not going to kill you if you don't get it. Just don't buy it from ebay!!!! There's a website you can buy new/used one from but i can't remember what its called.

The ecu, you could do many different things. I'd either use the one you have or sell it and get another one, get the vtec chip kit and use that. Here's a website you can buy all you tuning crap from. Xenocron Tuning: Fuel Management and DIY Tuning Resource Center for Honda and Acura Performance - Hondata, eCtune, Neptune, Crome, TurboEdit, Uberdata
I'd start off with chrome just because its free. That's what i get tuned on.
Oh, for a turbo you could also check out a turbonetics 62-1. My brother had one and made 620whp. Or you could just go big and get a borg warner S372. I may know someone who has one for sale.
oh $hit, this is a nice build so far as far as the Fuel Pump goes it depends on what your max whp will be, the walbro 255 is great but if you pushing 450 or more you probably want to get a dual FP setup. Now for turbos, Precision Turbos are by far the best ive seen on almost any application IMHO. I have an STI as well as my crx and all my STI and EVO buddys are going with Precision. FullRace.com has some setups and there T4 Twinscroll Turbo Kit would be sweet, they use Garrett turbos (which are also great). Your power range for 10's i would think would have to be low to mid 400 whp, which you wouldnt need a too big of a turbo. Injectors i would go with 1000cc Injertor Dynamics (high Impedance). Now i have a (k20a2) not a gsr motor on my car so i dont know the inparticulars on what the stock fuel system can hold. But if i had 8k i would go with the a Precision 6262-B setup with supporting mods, E85 and hit 9's. Good luck
now, evo's are a bad cars with I/H/E ive seen them hit mid 12's /w boost controller hit high 11's and with cams mid 11's. STIs unfortunately need more work to get those numbers.

oh and one last thing put those GSR blades on the CRX
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Wanted to update everyone on the project.

We have been gathering suspension parts. We have got a lead on one of the best in the industry for re-sleeving the block. We have just been working down the list of parts that we need to get.

I should also add to this that plans have changed with the CRX project a tad.

Originally I was just doing this project to run better numbers than my buddies in their Evo's. Since then, my Father and I have been completely intrigued by the amount you can do with these 4 cylinder motors. What started out as a fun project became a bit more serious as we gathered information. I personally would like to take this car as far as I can go. 10's, 9's well see... :)

During all the research on honda's my Father decided he would like to build a car for himself as well. We started looking for del-sol's. He liked the idea of a del-sol because they are the underdog of Honda's. I personally made fun of del-sol owners when I was in high school. I do have to say, they start to look pretty attractive once you see the curb weight LOL. We are thinking of doing a father son race tour next season. Me in the GSR CRX and my father in the del-sol. We managed to pick a del-sol up in decent shape for dirt cheap.

Here are some pictures of the parts we have been getting and the new project car.















We also got the Green GSR all finished, back from the body shop, and it has already been sold. :)

Here are some pics of it after it was all finished up.





We also needed to pick up an OBD2 Diagnostic reader so I purchased a scantool.net adapter and have also done a how to / product review. Check out the vids below

ScanTool OBDLink Unbox and How To Part 1 - YouTube

ScanTool OBDLink Unbox and How To Part 2 - YouTube

Be sure to check the website for updates, and in depth details. Toxic Racing