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OK here is the issue, for those of you who know me u know abt this and maybe anyone can help...

:angry: while ago i was not getting fuel to the fuel rail, so i replaced the fuel filter and the main relay, sitll didnt work, then i replaced the distributor cap and its rotor, still did not work.... then last night i drop the tank and replace the fuel pump.... guess what still doesnt work.....
so tonight i have to re check to see if im getting spark, but other then that im lost....tonight im also gonna see if it is getting gas to the rail ,it was to dark to do that last ngiht! i hope someone can help me its been a long time since i had my car running.... either post here or email me crxracing77@aol.com

thank you :(
I'll check the memory banks, by looking at my crx, after work - I'll send some other things to check then - if you don't already have some help from someone else. Sorry for the delay - but a wild and crazy day (not in a good way)
Originally posted by knowledge@Oct 4 2002, 06:16 PM
is your pump getting power? It wont pump without it!

Really - There are a bunch of fuses that go into the main relay make sure they are all good. Bad fuse replace and hopefully that will work. B)

If not, check the power back at the fuel pump. If there is no power look for a broken wire.

The fuel pump is controlled by the ecu possible bad ecu.

Let me know if you are getting spark when you check.

I'll be back to you once you check those.