gsr turbo

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Hey guys,
i recently bought a precision sc61 turbo its a 61mm with a t3 housin hot sides .63 cold sides .70.
The motor is a stock b18c1 gsr with a b16 tranny.
I was just wondering how much boost it could take on stock internals.



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it depends 100% on your tune. nobody on earth can give you an exact number.


Thats a decent sized turbo.

If the engine is 100% completely stock, I'd stay BELOW 230whp with a conservative AFR (say somewhere in the high 11's, low 12's) in heavy throttle and around 12.5-13.0 at idle and partial throttle.

Basically what Nick said, get it tuned by someone reputable. Spare no expense with the tune, it's the most crucial part of the build.


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yeah thanks i got it for 500 bucks its only got like 500 miles on it
but hopefully ill have everything in a couple weeks i was just wondering what it could handle before i get internals