H22a Or B16a2?

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this is for a 93' civic daily driver occasioncally going to the track no autocross. i want to go turbo on both but i'm undecided. i'm lookin' to make at least 500hp. i have a couple questions

1. should i buy a long block from a company already resleeved or send in my block to be sleeved? what would be the cost difference?

2. i want a ball-bearing turbo they are suppose to be faster at spooling right? the rpm range is variable any recommendations?

3. normally wouldn't a h22a beat out a b16a2 both turbo'ed?

i can't think of anything else right now but if i do i'll b sho' to holla one
Originally posted by IntegraRUS@Feb 6 2003, 05:59 PM
3. normally wouldn't a h22a beat out a b16a2 both turbo'ed?

Yep. That's why you see all the people like Lisa Kubo and company running boosted H22's. The extra 6/10's of a liter help alot. However, you're going to run into lots of other issues if you're looking at those hp numbers.
Money to make sure your internals can handle that boost. Tractions issues, tuning issues, etc. A daily-driven 500hp is not easy to come by. Not to mention making it street legal.
regradless- ed burgenholtz runs a stock head, built 81mm bottom end b18c1, and guess what- hes faster than lisa kunho is.
At 250 hp in a hatch with a stock b16 jspec and ignition systemand turbo at 8 lbs of boost I guarantee mid 12's with good tires not slicks and of course a real good driver

dont dsay 500 hp that is talking out of your ass unless you are sponsered because it dont take much to move a 1600 lb hatch think every 100 lbs is a tenth of a second just ask people and they will tell you
sirboost, a crx doesn't even weigh 1600 unless you strip it no it all ass
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 15 2003, 10:23 PM
oh boy. another mr. know it all with a 1600 lb hatch.

[mr know all voice]yea its 1600 lbs.. i went to the weight station and weighed it myself blahblabhalhbalbhalbhalbh[/mr know all voice]

stef papadakis (sp?) also runs a FI h22, just thought id drop another h22 draggers name :p this topic might be going two ways .. B series Vs H series or 1600 civics.. call me Cleo its what the tarot cards show me, i dunno. :lol:
I haven't weighed one but 1600 sounds much more likely than 2000. I'm not sure where you got that number but weighing it is the only real way to tell. curb weight the weight on the door is maximum vehicle weight loaded.
post #2 that prves your an idiot.

click the reference section on this site. you will find chassis weights.

not one car made by honda after 1986 is 1600 lbs. period.