Inexspensive H22?

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Well it seems that everyone on this forum is very hardcore about the h22a then you all must know quite some bit about them so would anyone be able to inform me of where i can get one for the least money and how much would it cost? :spin:
i got mine 1850 to be exact... i found the recipt over the weekend :p. I got it at a company called gruppe-s. good shop. And another reason why it was so cheap was because they were local and i didnt have to pay gay ass shipping charges. Which i recommend anyways because i wouldnt buy a motor without seeing first, unless there was absolutely no motors around me.

side note. it was a JDM h22 w/ lsd for $1850 and the ecu came with it.
i went to the website and they didnt seem to have any h22's i dont know if they just dont currently have any or what the deal is but they werent listing any when i just went on but thank you for the info, also where are they located? just curios to see if it would be worth traveling to get rather than have it shipped i am in maine
LOL.. not worth traveling.. im in california.. they dont have any listed because they arent a big engine importer. They import TONS of other stuff. But they dont import motors that often, they only import clean ones :D i just happened to be around when they got the h22, they got it on a monday. and i put a down payment on monday, picked it up friday.. nobody else that was serious had a