legal engines

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alright civac wants to sell me a skeleton engine no internals sir g1 and i live in cali and i wanna keep the block legal. will this pass, no maybes just a yes or no or if i can put mods on it to make it a yes.
What year is the engien and what year is the civic. The engine must be newer or same year as the chassis. Also if you are using a JDM engine, you have to put USDM emmissions crap on it (i dont exactly know what that stuff is because i am not in cali = i dont care much about emmissions)
my car is 89 so sir 1 is newer, does n e body know where (website) to research legal stuff cuz i can't find it n e where
just go to google and do a search, "california emissions (or california engine swaps)"
If all you have is the block with no internals,it is hardly a illegal engine.If your going to rebiuld it then use current smog equipment to put it in,I see no issue.And as long as you use carb certified mods there shouldn't be a issue there either.Another thing is,what car are you putting it in?If your putting it in a 86 crx then it would be legal because it is a newer motor,and the manufacturers smog equipment was better.
problem is-- if you don't have the head, you're fucked. Cali doesn't allo0w head swaps.