Looking for reputable shops in North GA area!!


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Anyone know of any good reputable shops in the North GA, or Chattanooga area or withing a couple hours of here. Any help would be appreciated! Or anyone here in that area that does builds! Thanks


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There are a lot of import shops up there, i havent lived in the area in some time, but i know mainstream performance in powder springs was always good. Also, mahdavi motorsports up on the northeast side of Atlanta.

If i was you i would get on Importatlanta.com and poke around :)

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NorthEast Ga, Winder near Athens.

John Vang
Import Experts Inc.
449 Lakeview Drive Southwest Winder, GA 30680
(770) 307-1136

I have been there several times and they are really great. Even if they dont do the work they will point you in the right direction.