my b18c build

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Been awhile since I did one of these but the lsvtec was just getting tired and not getting it done so it was time for a change. I bought my wife a 2009 civic si 4 door which is a bad mofo in my opinion stock so im stuck with the 95 cx for another few years, oh well its been 7 years almost anyway in this car so its just one of those I cant part with it things.....maybe ever. I worked at Enterprise a few years ago and drove every normal car there is and when I got in my honda at the end of the day I was like all those cars suck compared to my car. Luckily I dont work there anymore and make way better money in the Stock Market trading Options. I just have a connection with this car I cant explain, some of you may know what I mean. I could drive/buy a new car additionally to the car I got my wife but honestly out side of highend cars there is nothing impressive to me worth the money. Maybe a Genesis or STI but I like no payments and owning a house. So on with the budget build sorta budget.


That the Motor works!
close to 200whp
reliable daliy driver, fun car for track events like hpde and mini prixs
Skunk2 Pro 1+ cams - still need
Skunk2 Cam Gears - still need
Supertech dual valve springs and aluminum retainers
Phearable basemap, I will bite the 5 bills and have John Vega tune it because he is the only one I trust in the Orlando/Tampa area to tune my Honda.
tri y replica header t 2.5 test pipe, ws noir exhaust.
intake is a comptech drop in with aluminum pipe from tb to drop into integra airbox.
aebs intake manifold with hondata im gasket
im going to try and pick up some rc 310 injectors used
Im also bidding on a vafc to lean out the fuel at idle for the cams plus it looks cool lol until i get it to tampa for the tune, dyno, street tune John offers.
this will all be mated to my itr flywheel and usdm itr transmission I bought new a couple years ago. clutch is a 6 puck sprung made by action.

I transferred over my new/used 30k vtec oil and water pumps. I also purchased several brand new bolts and nuts for the build which you will see at some point.

Im so close now i just need the cams and gear, debating buying some used in great cndition or just dropping the 800 for new pro1s and bloax gears maybe unless some of my offers go through on h-t.

On to the pics of the beginning, be patient I have slowly been building this.

ITR TB I got for $50 shipped not bad. 66 mm tapered to 62mm

New style LMA not the prelude washer shit or the NSX LMA i paid stupid money with 10 percent off at a local dealer and they shipped to my house for free which was cool of them.

Supertech aluminum retainers and specially degreed not buy these!

LOL I know it was to keep track of my head but I liked this

street port from cw pence and valve job in orlando/maitland fl, good can see the bronze guides I went with

KMS extended intake studs from king motor sports

Supertech black nitride race vales for a lil bump in compression for my gsr head

So I didnt really take too many pics because my wife wouldn't shoot for me and she has the nice camera but I got few off of me working on the block.
I bought the block for $600 bucks from an old friend with usdm type r pistons that was supposedly rebuilt recently. Well the bearing farthest from the oil pump looked liked it had a little gauling on it so I was like fuk it for 60 bucks im going to replace them all. Turns out all bearings were perfect but that one but being anal I just replaced them all anyway with a clearance of .0015in which about perfect. Main bearings were cherry so i just coated the with some permatex asssembly lube{good shite about 6 bucks at advance auto}as well as all other bearings and moving parts will be coated with this as well as mobil 1 syn once its time for startup.

On with more:

I have the console so this will fit nicely where the ashtray goes and lighter since i dont smoke.
AEM wideband, as you can see I have made a rough template to cut and then slightly sand down to spec to fit.
I also have water and oil temp gauges fitted o the console


Whos that douche oh yeah thats me popping the tang on the bearing.

always gotta give props to phearable, never let me down

cheap russel fuel line just to give me a little more room since my stock line seemed short and stretched to fit around the intake. Also shown is a new gsr timing belt, why not for the piece of mind and a cost of 40 bucks.

190ph walbro pump and some brand new bolts and dowel pins.

oh yeah i painted my hatch white in my garage, came out ok, needs wetsanding and buffing and for me to do the engine bay and door jams, trunk area no biggie.

Semi used usdm itr pistons, walls looked good so i didnt mess with them.

corrosion sucks, dont just run water in hot states atleast run water wetter too to keep calcium off the cylinder walls.

As you can see here Ireplaced the water pipe and replaced all new hoses. you can alo notice the z10 plug and fittings for an endyn breather setup. I replaced the thermostat and also added the street morroso oilpan with built in oil baffle. for the money not a bad pick up.



Internal areas








You may be saying WTF are those hoses doing?? well when you replace the bearing without removing the piston there is a chance you could scratch the crank when pushing the rod down to get out the bearing so that is a cheap easy way to do it. Make sure when you push them down that you have your other hand holding that piston from the bottom so its doesnt fall out, that way you dont have to redo the rings.

Just to share how you go about picking bearings granted your crank is not sol!

take the number {3 is highlighted because that was what mine were}from the rod and then correlate with the letters on the crank which are very simple to find. In my case it was brown, brown, brown, Green.
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More updates when I have some I hope you guys enjoy this for a bit.Sure a k swap would have been great but I just dont think its worth it right now.
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great post. thank you, i'm learning more of what to do. i'm considering building this d16 instead of swapping.

kudos. we need rep here, u win points.


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hooray for alcohol. now that i notice there's reputation, i can't do anything to give anyone rep lol.
i also cannot edit nor have a signature nor avatar.


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i think you need some more posts then you will be able to give rep points and stuff.

i have a poosible deal im waiting for that would get me the cams pro1s, cam gears, rc 310s, intake with velocity stack, aem fuel rail with aem fpr and gauge with fuel filter on the hose just trying to be patient for this guy to get back to me. if we work a deal this build is going to get moving in a hurry!
here is a pic of the recently retired lsvtec, i will be selling the short block thats got the golden eagle kit on it with dowels and vtec oil and water pumps once this new build runs.



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Damn, either my build sucks or this site has slowed down traffic wise.

I'm having a hard time with some of these sellers I have been dealing with; one day they wanna sell then the next they wanna wait. I might just say screw it and pay for almost all new items which will suck. I did pick up a VAFC2 which I will really just be using to get it idling properly with the Skunk2 pro 1s before I get it tuned.

I will have pics tonight, I'm dropping the head on the block now that the block is all buttoned down. I will also be pulling the carpet and some other interior pieces for cleaning and wiring purposes. I'm running out of time since my Audi lease is done in the beginning of nov. so I really wanna get this thing to Tampa next month to be tuned and ready for daily driving life again. Pics will be up later, my wife bought a nikon d60 awhile back and has been nice enough to come out in the heat and take the photos I have been showing. updates later.......


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looks pretty sweet man. should be a really fun dd.


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Thanks, it has been a good DD for 7 years so I expect it to be even better now.

Well I didn't do the head last night because I saw Disrtict 9 which was pretty cool but I did have enough time to strip the interior, clean all trim pieces and audio console, fit the carbon fiber panel to the audio console for the wideband, installed walbro 190lph fuel pump.

Audio console finished, other piece I took out but it already has a oil temp and water temp gauge installed on the top portion.

Beginning of the roll bar, my friend did these for me and will be doing the whole bar setup for me.

Starting on fuel pump, this wasnt that hard just time consuming. I would wear a mask of some sort because the fuel fumes are not pleasant.

Pulling it out

Here it is out and off the rack it sits on. The black piece on the bottom you need to install on the new pump so care fully remove it.

Here it is off

Install on new pump

Fuel tank waiting and begging for more pressure

Lining it up

You can see how small the gap is but cut your hose just a little bit shorter than the stock unit. The new hose is supplied with the kit.

Comparing old smaller to new larger

This was a bitch, fit the retaining washer on the pump


Installing fuel hose

Pretty much done just buttoning everything up

Going back home, go in from the side then rotate

And thats that

Little upgrade I did which made a huge difference awhile back
ITR 1 inch MC and booster with russel lines and earls fittings.
Super blue racing brake fluid, I already had the 40/40 prop for my 4 wheel disk but hadnt upgraded the mc and booster until recently. Wow what a difference! My tires cant keep up with the braking ability I have with the brembo blanks and hawk pads.


Its 95 with humidity over 100 so not really wanting to go out in the garage today but I have deadlines so the more I can do the better. I still need to pull the r tranny and ls shortblock out of the bay so I can clean and paint the bay; also so I can clean up the b18b short block and get it ready to sell.

I might try to get the arp head studs in and install the head today but we will see because its blazing out.
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My buddy dropped by and gave me a hand so I could drop the head on with no problems so it got done and Im that much closer now.
ARP head studs installed

Oem 3 layer gasket with copper spray sealant

Head dropped on and washers and nuts hand tight on studs

Torque sequence for those interested



Thanks to my buddy for spending a couple hours out of his day for me. A lot of my friends are too busy for this type of thing or have moved on from the scene and have no interest. I used to have lots of honda friends back in the days of meets that werent broken up or when car crews were cool. Some friends have moved onto to porsches or bmws but my love is still for my honda...not that I wouldnt like a bmw or porsche lol.

More to come once I decide if Im going to get used cams and cam gears or just bite it and buy new. I actually am trying to get some Toda spec b's with toda gears used right now so we will see if that goes through.

I still need:

cam gears
maybe a fuel rail
fuel pressure gauge
rc 310 injectors

Then a drive to Tampa for a tune.

More updates when I have some.


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gah i'm loving how sexy that b18 is. it's so kleen. i want it to have my kids.

just wondering, are you going with the exposed cam gear look?


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Exposed cams meaning no plastic covers and moons cut out of the valve cover then yes.

Dyno numbers for sure! I will be lucky if I hit 200whp but I gues I will be from 190-200, Izraeli uzi lol yes! That is my buddy that came by to help.

Thanks again lz

Boooo ya skunk2 pro1s and skunk2 pro cam gears are on the way from jhpusa for a nice deal!shipping tommorrow!
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hmm. i just meant without the cam gear cover. but nice choice on the skunkwerkz.


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VAFC2 came in today...$140 shipped not bad...obviously used but looks new.

Skunk2 pro 1 cams and pro gears will be here monday.

parts left to aquire:

rc 310's
fpr gauge
maybe fuel rail
tb gasket


Just powering it up to make sure it works.
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i know, i just remember seeing them back in the day costing almost some organ tissue haha. veddy nice though!