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jus got a hold of a 1989 4 door EF auto :mad: w/rebuilt head, shocks & springs, just put new brakes on the car. Also a 1990 CRX Si w/ a B16A1 w/60,000 miles on it and was just rebuilt w/all new internals and head. The CRX has ajustable suspension, front and rear sway bars, new bushings in hasport mounts, racing seats, pilot steering wheel, also has stock SI rims and 17 inch rims. The B16A needs a clutch and flywheel, and header but other than that it is ready to get i the CRX.

i dont realy know Hondas that well, being these are my first. I normally deal w/ Nissan's. I also have a 1989 240sx w/ a RHD conversion SR20DET and silvia S13 front, all done in garage, but we're talking Honda right now.

Will be posting pics tomarrow or so...
Have you checked Craigslist at all? Someone might be selling one in the for sale section in the forums too. How much you looking to spend?
Here are a few pics of the 1989 EF Sedan LX


Next time i go to town ill get some pics. Its right down the road but with both my cars in the shop i don't go past it much.
I want to see your 240sx. I also have a 89, but its far from being done.