Ok, I Lied....

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I set the TPS to .5 when idle, and the CEL is still on, but by moving the TPS, my car idles normal. But every 5 minutes or so, the CEL goes out, and if I am at idle, the car dies. If I am under throttle, the car lags for a moment, then surges, and the cel comes back on. The 2 codes I am getting are 7 and 9. I was originally getting a 9, but I found a bad crimp at the sensor at the dist. I had to totally rewire my Dist, since the DX one only had 5 wires, different colors, and the B one had 7. After I fixed the bad crimp, the #9 CEL went away, but when I "fixed" the TPS, and set it at .5V at idle, remember I had to use a 91 B18 TPS, since my was broken when I recieved the engine, and now I am getting a 9 and 7, and it still does the same thing. I don't think it's the Dist, but has anyone had a CEL with a TPS and Crank Pos CEL?. I am getting frusterated, the car is running rich because of the CEL, and it keeps cutting out at lights. could the JDM TPS be different from the USDM one? I have fixed every other thing but this, and I need to finish so I can get on with my life. I have finals all next week, and I need to devote the time to my studies. Thanks for all your help guys, i will post some picts when i have the time, you will be shocked when you see my ride.... Thanks again, Jim
OK, I resources my need, and I found an obscure japanese website about Honda swaps and after waiting about 5 minutes for each post, I was able to resolve my issues! NO MORE CEL!!!!!! The car runs sweet now, very similar to my GSR, but revs quicker and seems more ballsy(the GSR was a 2600 lb pig). The Xact flywheel makes a noticable improvement on the engine. Has anyone else noticed with the HASport linkage, the stock shifter is as sloppy as a MAC Diesel rig? I have to hit my seat to get it into 2nd, and the pass seat for reverse. I went ahaed and got a short shifter, and now it seems just slightly longer than normal, but very managable. The S1 tranny has such short gears, I am at 4500 rpm at 80 MPH! My 02 Accord is soooo much lower, it will take some getting used to. Thanks again guys for all your help, pictures are coming..... Jim