Pins A6 And A11

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Quick questions, pins A6 and A11 have to be swapped when swapping to any other engine than the F22B1 in the 5th gen accords...

My question is, which side is it backwards? Is it backwards at the ECU?(i.e. if I keep the current engine and harness but change to another ecu will I have to switch them).


Is it backwards in the wiring harness?(i.e. I'll have to switch the wires when I get both a new engine and new ECU.)

Please reply quickly.
Well, think of it like this:

If you drop an H22 into a 5th-gen Accord and use the H22 computer, that computer wants to read the heated O2 sensor from wire A6 and the EGR valve from wire A11. But on the HARNESS, A6 is the EGR and A11 is the heated O2 sensor.
I'd get a check engine light if they were backwards when I put my p30 in on my F22B1 with the ACcord harness. Right?
ok, well maybe I wouldn't. I checked with some charts on Hondata, it's backwards on the ECU(P0A). Because when you buy a Hondata ECU you have to switch them around even if you're using the Accord Harness on an F22B1, you still have to switch them around. That could be why it's running like ass...

I only ask cuz I was testing the functionality of the Mugen P30 I bought for the H. I figure they're close enough that I'd get some sort of idea of how it'd run the H. I'm going to go swap those wires and see what happens.
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Feb 13 2003, 01:33 PM
A P30 is from a DOHC VTEC Del Sol...

it's been remapped to run an H, relax. I'm not THAT new.

I am however, going to get the Hondata s200 for it ASAP! I need more control!

hehehe. Think my P0A would control the H22A enough to make it to work and back?
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Feb 13 2003, 01:39 PM
Kinda. I've tried it. It sucks when the P0A kicks VTEC at 2500 rpm and the H22 cams say "What the FUCK?" :D

but I can get by without the knock sensor?
Straight, I just took apart my P30, I'll be doing the s200 installation myself since about 95% of it's already done. 28-pin socket 74hc373 ic's been installed J1's been bridged, there's already a 1.1Kohm resister in R52. The only thing I have to do is install a couple of capacitors and I'm golden.