Poll: what car to fianance

here r my top 6

  • g35 coupe

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  • STI

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  • Evo 8

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  • s2000

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  • r

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After selling my civ and beat up 97 M3 im looking to fianance, not sure which car is most ideal...i.e. payments,insurance,gas/mi., etc..

rx-8 is a POS, but the ladies like it if u know what i mean :p


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Seriously, the Skyline is a more rounded car, and if you're going to be on pavement what the hell.

Actually, for that money I'll have a GT-Four Celica like the one we saw on the auto-x track. That thing defined 'NASTY".

-> Steve


im an evo fan, but the 8 is just a total crapper. nothing like the evo's of old.

g35 coupay gets my vote.


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i can't lie, i've always wanted an S2k and since they aren't perfectly suited to "larger" people (read, fat) i guess i'll never have one, but assuming you're of a slightly thinner build i say do it- unless you've got kids to haul around


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hahaha, with B on this one.......... but he will be paying 10k more for a used car.

from your choices......STi / S2k


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my mom just got a G35 coupe and that thing is fuckin sweet.
she got the wheel package and everything...she won't let me drive it or ride in it though. :(
I'd say it all depends on where you are in life now. How much do you plan on modding the car? Are you looking for something that you'll be satisfied leaving relativley stock? If so then go for the G35, ther's enough aftermarket stuff out to differentiate yourself from the crowd plus seating for four and almost as good a motor as the Z car. The S2 would be my choice but I'm a little bit of an enthusiast and a Honda freak. I'm not really a rally car persn and though I admire what can be done with the STI and Evo I myself am not a fan of huge heavy four doors. The RX-8, I don't know about that car so much so I'm inclined to refrain from any comment. I guess I'd go with the S2 or G35.


does anyone else in here think the new rx8 are pretty damn ugly?

i was sitting next to one in traffic, it was stock, and i was to his left and behind him. i couldnt make out the lines on the car.....they looked like the started off, then abruptly stopped, then started again new with a new form....

and that third door? save that shit for a mini-van :lol:


I'm just about that action Boss.
For my tastes, I'd go with an sti, but otherwise it'd be a g35 coupe or a 350z just because they are that beautiful.