Rear ended!

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shouldnt have even called them.. call Allstate and give them her policy number and let them know you're the guy she hit.. ask them whats going on, they'll instruct you of what to do since she is at fault.. your insurance should have nothing to do w/ it.. did you make the claim on yours or something like she had no insurance?

Hence the part about me kicking myself as soon as I hung up. :) I was still shaking from the adrenaline, called insurance first even before calling the cops for some dumbass reason.

Unfortunately it looks like I pretty much put my side through my insurance. They know she has full coverage, my claim person even talked to her on the phone at the scene and took all her insurance info. Appears that my insurance will be contacting her insurance for payment. They said that as soon as her insurance accepts liability I won't have any issues with my premiums going up (so they say), and that I'll need to pay the deductible for now, which will be refunded when Allstate pays AAA.

On the other hand, I haven't actually taken it in for repairs yet. I wonder if I could walk away from what I've done with AAA so far, and have Allstate handle it. The only problem is the open AAA claim. Going to talk with my in-office AAA guy who sold us the policy today, rather than folks over the phone.
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Ok I talked to my AAA guy, he says I'm still ok to go through her insurance. If I'm contacted again by a AAA adjuster, I'm just to let them know that I decided to work it through her insurance and that they can close out the claim. It'll still show up in the records but for $0 so it won't have any impact.

Her insurance contacted me about 30 minutes ago via the police report and I'm going through things that way. Looks like she has 15 days to contact her insurance and get the ball rolling though.

I guess that's the trade off... I can go through my insurance and get it fixed right now for a cost, or wait a few days for her insurance and get a check cut later.

The car's drivable so I think I'll go with option 2.

(Crap, I still have about $8k to pay on this darn thing... I hope it's fixed up right. Plus there'll be an accident on the carfax now too, to hurt the resale value.)
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That was faster than I thought... She contacted her insurance (probably just now) and they just called me and accepted liability. So I set up repairs with the same place that I set up with AAA. Gave the guy at the shop a heads up, he'll disregard the AAA documentation and run it through the other insurance.
but in all seriousness, watch your self
as someone that went through a rear end collision, you want to makes sure you wont have any injuries pop up down the line
I still have a vertebrate at the base of my neck between my shoulders that is tender to the touch from an accident 10 years ago

Agreed. I still have nerve problems due to an accident in early 2007, but that was a roll over in a rally car, some reports said 11 rolls, but I only remember 6. I also have leg issues still from my accident in the fit, and that's been almost two years now.

When my CR-Z was rear-ended in DC I wish I had gotten a lawyer to fight it for me. I'm pretty sure my neck and left arm go numb more often because of it.


Allstate is one of the worst companies to deal with if they're paying out money- they try to cheap out on you for every single penny. I hate dealing with them- so do all the body shops I've been to.
If your experience is anything like mine, you're not going to have to go looking for a doctor. I had 4 doctors call me on the day my police report surfaced. It was a 20 mile per hour collision tops, and I was in a bus. I didn't feel a damn thing.
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Nothing sore, it seems... My head hurt from hitting the headrest for the first few hours, but that's it. Nothing in the neck or back.

Still haven't had the car fixed, it's still out getting the warranty work done that I took it out for in the first place... Now the warranty company is coming back saying they'll only fix one of the 4 repairs the dealership tried to get them to do. :p

So I got into a wreck just to replace the cluster and immobilizer, which really wasn't causing me any trouble, just a fault in the computer. :p

The bumper was replaced and painted, paid for by the girl's insurance, no problems!

My friend's 6 year old son is convinced that my car was hit by a missile. :) So after I got it fixed I made this for him :D:

Bad news is that the new bumper got scratched to hell in a parking garage downtown by either some dumbass who can't park, or the drunk-ass parking attendants! :rant:
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lol cool video hope the kid liked it

sucks that its already scratched up again
its got to be hard to keep your shit looking nice and new in a large city
glad yer ok! people got no business looking down for a second in a moving vehicle on city streets. i hope she learned somethin' hehe. :D