rota wheels

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hmm 17" rota subzero only 16 lbs. and won't hurt my money too bad either. i think i'll sell my wheels i have now. what is offset? i know my accord has 40-42mm offset. the subzeros have a 45mm offset. can i still use these wheels?
Yes! You might might rub your tires on the inner fender wells when turning sharp though. Should still be enough clearance though! i wouldnt go any wider of a tire than 205's on your 17" with that offset just to be safe with the inner fender rubbing on the tire!
he has an accord though-not a civic. you should be able to fit 215s on there no problem if you so deisre too-- but i recommmend 16" or less
thanx guys, i have 215/40/17's now on my motegi's w/42mm offset. they rubbed so i rolled fenders. i don't know about 16's, i think too small for my accord. i'd have to step out of the low profile look but i'll concider it since they would make things even lighter.......oh and what is offset, what is that a measurement of?