S2000 Type

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Two more cylinders and tweaked cams absolutely slam that nail home: The R has 57% more peak torque, and at 3000 RPM torque is up 65%. Best-possible-speed launches are still tricky, and judging from the smell, you probably don't get to try too many of these

aluminum alloy block & heads, inline-6

A look under the hood reveals how Honda's elves managed to squeeze two more cylinders into the S2000's engine compartment. The R has no accessory drive belt

honda only makes inline-4, notice how there is no pictures of the engine bay

this site came up a while back it is just a joke, thought it may sound nice i dont think it is happening
would be nice though...although i'll believe an R version of the s2000 is in the works when i see an official bulletin on honda's website.