She's Back

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The Riced Sleeper
So after 1 year 1 month, the si is finally out of the shop.


Built 2000 B18C5-type R motor
2000 Civic Si tranny
Stage 2 port & polish head
Crower rods
JE pistons 12:1 compression
Skunk 2 stage 2 camshafts
Skunk 2 intake manifold
REV Valves Springs & Retainers
Act Flywheel
RPS Six Puck Sprung Hub Clutch
AEM Cam Gears
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
Vission Fuel Pressure Guage
TrePerformance 255lph fuel pump
440cc fuel injectors
STR Cam Seal
OBX JDM ITR 4-1 headers
OBX High flow cat
AEM V2 cold air intake
Throttle body spacer
APC Cat-Back Exhaust
NGK Blue Performance wires
NGK Iridum plugs


Built 2000 B18C5-type R motor
2000 Civic Si tranny
Stage 2 port & polish head
Crower rods
wiseco piston kit 81.5mm-w/ rings 11.5:1 compression
Skunk 2 pro 2 camshafts
Skunk 2 pro series intake manifold
Skunk2 pro series valves and titanium retainers
Act Flywheel
RPS Six Puck Sprung Hub Clutch
Skunk2 Pro series Cam Gears
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
Vission Fuel Pressure Guage
TrePerformance 255lph fuel pump
440cc fuel injectors
Skunk2 Cam Seal
Rage Tri Y header
Delete Cat
AEM V2 cold air intake
Skunk2 Mega Power R exhaust
NGK Blue Performance wires
NGK Iridum plugs
PWR half cut radiator w/ fan
Hasport motor mounts
Hondata S300

And some minor other tidbits.

Just breaking her in now will have actual numbers in about 2 weeks once I take it back to throw it on the dyno and tuned
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Wow, that's impressive! What did the set up cost you?

Parts and labor came to a little over 9,000

It took a year to do the work?
U can say that. I originally took it to the shop to have the head work done, cams, valvetrain. etc since the shop that did me leakdown told me it was my valves that were causing the blowback. WHen the shop pulled my old valves they told me nothing was wrong but since i'd already bought all the new parts I still had them do all the headwork took 3 days, slapped her back together and still blowback, they didn't want me to leave the shop with it like that till they found out what was wrong so I ended up leaving it there, and they work by appointment and were booked up to 8 months away due to El Paso always have some kind of car show or what not going on, so when they finally go to it in October found out that the last time I had built the motor the shop I used screwed me over used 80mm pistons when I needed 81.5mm needles too say my cylinders took a beating.

nice to have you back.. you lose that bodykit yet?
Of course not you know the BK will always be there, but I do intende to finally paint it lol :D

where ya been? how's the kid?
Just been busy, she's doing well starting to get stuff ready for her 2nd b-day next month
I haven't gotten around to taking any pics yet seeing as my camera got stolen at my b-day party, but here's the usual motor pics the shop sent me before dropping her in


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wheres the lsd? did i miss it?
Wow.. 9000 on engine work.. I would have had a supercharger in the bill somewhere.. But to each his own. Looks like a nice build!
So it was kinda bugging me coming back to the forum and saying I dropped a lil over 9k on the engine and honestly not know for sure what I spent, was beginning to think maybe I over exaggerated a lil bit, and since I hate not knowing shit I gathered all receipts and started adding up here's the breakdown:


Skunk2 pro 2 cams- 685.00
Skunk2 pro cam gears- 264.00
Skunk2 pro IM- 285.00
Skunk2 68mm TB- 320.00
Skunk2 pro valve spings- 340.00
Skunk2 high comp valves- 320.00
Skunk2 titanium retainers- 210.00
Skunk2 cam seals- 30.00
Skunk2 mega power r exhaust- 485.99
Wiseco 81.5m pistons 11:5:1- 505.88
rod bearing set- 58.71
main bearing set- 67.08
pwr half cut radiator w/ fan 489.99
hondata S300- 579.99
P28- 160.00
hondata heatshield- 49.99
cometic head gasket- 95.00
tri y header- 749.99
rocker arms- 249.99
timing belt- 65.00
radiator hose kit- 115.00
hasport motor mounts- 429.99

total parts: 6,555.62

Total shipping for all parts- 284.75

Total misc shop cost- 131.64


rebuild on head- 195.00
R&R head components- 250.00
Radius Valve job- 295.00
re-grind cams- 45.00
portmatch TB to IM- 65.00
poer cylinder hone- 66.67
grind crankshaft- 58.33
jet/hot clean- 79.17
R&R engine- 385.00
motor build- 650.00
valve adjustment- 65.00
tune S300- 400.00
dyno w/ wideband AFR- 75.00
socket ecu- 100.00
install exhaust- 75.00
weld exhaust to header- 80.00
weld 02 bung- 50.00
install rocker arms- 85.00
resurface block- 166.67
engine bore- 133.33

Total labor: 3,319.17

Total cost: 10,291.18

Damn didn't seem that much shelling out 500 here 500 there, but now looking at the total damn I could've had a new car
Here ya go Nick,

Just pulled her out the paint shop yesterday, just had them do a quick lil job until Oct


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