sparkless z6

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New Member
car just died,has no spark, i replaced ignition coil it started for like 30 seconds then died again, so then i checked the icm it all checked out ..... what else could it be?? not the rotor cap wires or plugs all brandnew ecu looks fine nothing burnt inside... any ideas would be awesome.


Ancient Member
check your engine ground, the main one is on the tranny near the slave cylinder, make sure it is intact, also check the one on your valve cover (runs from valve cover to the radiator support)
if both grounds look good and clean.tight, then it's prolly your icm, even if it tests ok it may still be bad.
check the wires going to the distributor for cracks etc, and lastly you may just need to buy a new dizzy. Try someone elses first if you don't have the cash.