spedo cable?

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Bitch Please
i was riding around the other day and the spedo cable came loose from the tranny and i put it back on and it worked and now all the sudden it jus stopped and i cant see ne thing wrong or ne kinda fuse blown.....idea?
The cable probably snapped inside the sleeve. Take the cable out of the tranny and pull the inside piece of the cable out. If it comes out as a short piece say like 2ft long then it's broken and you need a new one.
yea lol iwas flippin cuz i couldnt figure that out n i remembered it was electronic lol so i got the test lite n meter out n found what is it.....odd thing is....the pigtail came loose..put it back together n it worked..day later stopped working..then would work on and off....dont know why.....but after all the testing n shit...it works fine......for now