starting to plan for H23 turbo


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Im going to do a turbo H23 in a 93 civic hatch. Currently, I'm on a budget of about $3500 dollars AFTER I buy the motor. I plan to keep this a daily driven car for me, so I will not be going all out on it. What do you think I can do with that budget as far as custom? I don't want to buy a kit, I'd rather try to piece it together myself and learn alot from it. I'm wondering if I could get a good setup with that or if it'd be worth it to wait.


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$3500 should be fine, I pieced mine together for about $3000, not sure how much more expensive an H series turbo manifold would be though.


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my friend had a h22 turbo in a 93 civic hatch. it was very fast(low to mid 12's on 10psi) figure around 3000 +cost of motor(dont know anywhere that sells them except people that pull them out of preludes for h22's. why dont u put an h22 in it?