Step By Step Turbo Kit Install?

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Definitely not my first turbo kit install but my first Honda kit install. I'm installing the kit for a friend on his 93 prelude si (h23a, dohc non-vtec).
I've installed kits on supras primarily but the kits use all existing oil feed and returns. This kit I will need to tap the oil pan and do some other neat stuff I've never done. :) My question is, are there any step by step instructions out there online, i searched by got flooded by unrelated topics. Or if anyone has done a prelude swap if they could steer me in the right direction.

As of now the manifold, turbo, and wastegate are on the step are the oil/coolant lines, 470cc injectors, regulator, pump, and intercooler.

Plans for this car are to run it till the motor pops and at that point slop in a built h22a.

Email me or respond if anyone as any input...

Thanks in advance!



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there's instructions selling on ebay for a buck emailed to you... i bought it just because it was cheap and i was curious and it turned out the instructions were very thorough... pretty much everything you would need to know to do install a basic turbo system --basic as in no standalone...