Swap For 4door Lx

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ive had a four door lx for last year and a half. i had the opportunity to buy a 2000 passat turbo and 97 maxima se from family members but decided to see what i could do with this. done mostly interior mods and now want to get some real power. the two engines that i have in mind are the prelude and ls. ive heard that the ls is a good engine to turbo, but was also wondering what results could be done with the bigger prelude engine. what turbos are recommended for each one, and what internal mods i will have to do to avoid trouble(recommended cams etc). also curious about exactly what kind of maintenance is required with the turbo. im looking for a powerful daily driver and track once in a while. looking for a 4-7 g's budget. also, if you suggest any better engines to turbo like the gsr, let me know. thanks
it will cost 4 g's just to get a prelude motor in your car and running.
the ls will cost about 2g's all running.

the h22 is a good motor, but doing internals on it requires a sleeve job = expensive. you aren't doing that on a 7 grand budget for the swap build and turbo, thats for sure.

the way i see it, you can have a fully built LS boosted for the same price as a stock h22.
my opinion, LS