The EG Coupe From Hell

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Finnaly was able to buy a new digital camera, after my last one fried itself.
Here are some shots I took the other day. Don't mind the steelies, I have a set of Rotas on order with set of Khumos.

Tell me what you think!


Previous owner has set of cheapo driving lights, and cut the front bumper - bought a nice set of PIAA lights.


Side view - had to buy a new fender after someone nailed it in a parking lot while I was at work.


Hopefully not too ricey, ordered a set of black MSD wires, and they sent me red...grrr. Also note the custom exhaust manifold heat shield. Old one rusted off, so got myself some sheet stainless, and went to work.


SS Coil, my AEM Short-Ram, and my ghetto-fabrication overflow bottle bracket. Common in the NE, my old one rusted right through, so after some random brackets, heavy-gauge wire, and some zip ties, and I had a replacement. Wire loom is my friend.


Close up of my heatsheild. Hope to paint it with some hi-temp silver latter- or polish it.


Interior. Stock, save for the Kenwood DIN, and the awsome shiftbootless console. Again, the previous owner had a ricey Black Widow shifter dress up boot and baseplate. Tore it off, now I have the stock shifter with ES bushings, and some no-name knob.
Isn't EG the model code? I don't think it matters as far as body style. Correct me if I'm wrong, but EG, EK, EP, etc. don't rely on body style.

As for the dipstick...

Yeah, I can get it out, its tight, but it works.
Decent interior little tear in the seat I seats are perfect so is my carpet just my dash is fucked and my plastic stuff....moron before me panted the shit silver....with maroon interior not smart? lol
I didnt know you could get any other colored MSD plug wires I thought they were all red.
EG is a generalization. Youre car is actually a EJ something or other. Why did you say EG Coupe From Hell? It's stock, or at least stock looking. Good looking car, get some wheels and a drop.
u call that an EG from hell? look at this thing i saw at a show this weekend:


that USED to be a 4 door Civic....
take more pics when you get the wheels on, cuz right now, to me, it looks like every other white civic i see. oh and if you dont need those hoodpins, leave em at home... id suggest removing the side moldings too. but hey, atleast youre keeping it clean.
Is it me or does the passenger side corner light look like it's about to pop out?
I'd say take the black side panel's off as the guy who peed on my mom had mentioned.

5G (1992-1995)
EG1 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG1 D15B7 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol S
EG2 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG2 B16A3 USDM 1994-1995 del Sol VTEC (DOHC)
EG3 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EG4 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG5 D16Z6 EDM All 3-door/4-door
EG6 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG7 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EG8 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door/CR-X
EG8 D15B7 USDM All 4-door DX/LX
EG9 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door/del Sol CR-X
EH1 ZC JDM All 4-door/4WD
EH2 D15B8/D15Z1/D15B7 USDM All 3-door CX/VX/DX
EH3 D16Z6 USDM 1993-1995 3-door Si
EH6 D16Z6 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol Si
EH9 D16Z6 USDM All 4-door EX
EJ1 D16Z6 USDM All 2-door EX
EJ2 D15Z1 USDM All 2-door DX

6G (1996-2000)
EG1 D16Y7 USDM 1996-1997 del Sol S (SOHC)
EG2 B16A2 USDM 1996-1997 del Sol VTEC (DOHC)
EH6 D16Y8 USDM 1993-1995 del Sol Si (SOHC)
EJ1 D16A JDM All 2-door
EJ3 ? JDM All 2-door / 4WD
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA All 2-door DX/Si
EJ6 D17A7 CANADA 2000 2-door DX-G/ 3-door CX-G
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA 1996-1998 3-door CX
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA 1999-2000 3-door CX/DX
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA 2000 3-door SE
EJ6 D16Y7 CANADA All 4-door LX/EX
EJ6 D16Y7 USDM All 3-door CX/DX
EJ6 D16Y7 USDM All 4-door DX/LX
EJ6 D16Y7 USDM 1999 4-door DX-V
EJ7 D16Y5 USDM All 2-door HX (VTEC-E)
EJ8 D16Y8 CANADA All 2-door EX
EJ8 D16Y8 USDM All 2-door/4-door EX
EK2 D13B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EK3 D15B JDM All 3-door/4-door
EK4 B16A JDM All 3-door/4-door
EK5 D16A JDM All 4-door 4WD/LEV
EK8 D16A JDM All 4-door 4WD/LEV
EK9 B16B JDM All 3-door Type-R
EM1 B16A2 CANADA 1999-2000 2-door SiR
EM1 B16A2 USDM 1999-2000 2-door Si
To address many of the concerns voiced in the tread. The car is NOT stock. As it says in my sig -

94' Civic EG Coupe -
-Energy Suspension Master Kit
-KYB AGX Struts
-Eibach Sportlines
-Powerslot Rotors
-Axxis Metal Master Pads
-Ractive F/R/RL Braces
-AEM Short-Ram
-Apex'i WS
-MSD 8.5 Wires/Blaster Cap/SS Coil
-Custom trunk brace and torque damper

To elaborate on the whole "Hell" part - the car was bought as a complete basket case. All struts, bushings, brakes, etc. were blown, or very rough. The car came from some Autozone ricer. It had a trailer hitch, LED washer-squirters, and some ghey (broken) angel eye headlights. The paint was OK - save for the frontend. He had rear-ended a minivan at some low speed, and crunched the hood. The bumper was fine - just needed a respray. The core support was a little bent - hence the croked turn signal. I managed to get the vital parts relaligned thanks to a ratchet-winch and a tree. The hood latch was messed up, and even though I found a used one, I couldn't get it to line up right. After about 5 days of toiling with washers, spacers, and a large hammer, I gave up. I drilled two holes in my hood and never looked back. The hood pins are very functional. Sparcos - and they have held up well. And to prove my innocence before the gods of Honda, they are NOT stick-on hood pins.

I hope I am forgiven. :worthy:

NOTE: Hood damper not seen, as it is still being "constructed"
Indeed. I'm going to get the whole car reshot - still white, but the previous job done by the old owner was a shitty Maaco job. Overspray everywhere.
Originally posted by EGProject@Jun 5 2005, 08:00 PM
To address many of the concerns voiced in the tread. The car is NOT stock. As it says in my sig -

94' Civic EG Coupe -
-Energy Suspension Master Kit
-KYB AGX Struts
-Eibach Sportlines
-Powerslot Rotors
-Axxis Metal Master Pads
-Ractive F/R/RL Braces
-AEM Short-Ram
-Apex'i WS
-MSD 8.5 Wires/Blaster Cap/SS Coil
-Custom trunk brace and torque damper

Your car =/= 'The EG Coupe From Hell'


This car = 'The EG Coupe From Hell'