Trip To The Store

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D See 2

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on our way home from the store to get a guage pod. i was in my friends del sol si. i happened to take my digital camera. i was sitting in the passenger seat and the pic is through the mirror.

Judging by his picture, I'll go with the robbing the store theory--his getaway driver isnt as fast as he thought :)
ok... we are just sitting at a red light (first car) and a cop came by going the other direction... next thing we know that mofo whips a u-turn and gets behind us for like 5 secs then he turns his lights on...

my friend has a body kit and no license plate up front of his car...

no points... just a $50 fine... :D
Originally posted by TrailorParkPimp@Jan 26 2003, 01:28 PM
in the word of Eric Wright aka Easy-E: "Fuck da police"

i was telling him to drop it in 2nd and floor it but he wouldnt... :D :D
lets see if we can get some hondaswap stickers on the interior you photoshop guru's