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alrighty....i have a d16a6 and want to go all motor and i heard from the local racing garage that if i put a so vtec (d16z6 or y8) that it will help my bottom end a lot and is well worth doing instead of building my bottom this true?and if it is, y is it true? want facts not wut people heard
i just dont understand why your gonna build the d16 for all engine. Its one of the weakest honda motors out there. If your gonna still keep the car streetable its not really worth it and wont be all that fast. You could do an H22 or any B-series swap for cheaper than that and be faster. If it will be an all out drag car, i have seen an 11 sec all engine d16 before. ;)
D16z6's and y8's are hardly the "weakest Honda motors out there",true not as powerful as the B or H but still a strong motor for sohc.But anyway when your building them up by the time you spend what it would take to get to the level of a B or H,which would both still have a lot more potential,your nearing the ceiling of affordable power for the sohc.