Turbo & supercharger...together...at once

here's the deal... I work at a magazine in South Africa called Speed & Sound (www.speedandsound.co.za) as graphic designer. We recently featured a Toyota Conquest with a turbocharger and a supercharger installed. cool, I saw the motor and my collegue went for a drive with the guy, apparently it f**ks off too. A couple weeks later a local tuner challenged this setup and said it's impossible, it'll never work.... why? Didn't get to ask him why, but anyway.... what are your thoughts out there? got a pic... hang on....


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2 stroke diesels used a turbo/supercharger combo years ago. also a few years ago, some guy in the sport compact car challenge had a gen 1 mr2 with a turbo/supercharger. it can be done.


thoughts are its cool, and its possible... but not worth the aggrivation(sp) in my opinion...

the best setup would be that the supercharger spins up until 2500 or 3K rpm when the turbo is wound tight, thereby eliminating turbo lag but still having forced induction at low rpm's...

to handle both the super charger and turbo the motor would have to be built for insane boost, or less if they are turned both of the forced induction units down to low boost...

and i've also read that the air going into the combustion chamber is SUPER heated due to both the turbo and SC, so its not as practical or useful as some may think...


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It can be done, it works well on Diesels, and I have seen it done with more sucess on V8s than 4 bangers. Personally it is a lot of money and it does not add much to what a blower or a turbo will do on their own. So I would recommend doing on or the other.
it's a lot of work for nothing.

yeah, its cool, and magazine worthy, but on the street, a single turbo setup would probably smoke that car.


awhhh the twin chager set up!
ya in the long run its cheaper to go with a single unit. But
noting looks and sound like a blower pushing a sucker! lol

its been done many times to the 4age motor. I think it even was a kit back in the day from japan. i wanna say hks had some thing to do with it but I have to look it up


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i belive the meguiars integra drag car is turboed and supercharged. I wanted ti di this to my car but I was discouraged when I saw prices.
Yup you're right Meguiars did have an Integra that was both super and turbo charged I think you can find out more about it in the super street archives.