waterpump/timing belt for mini-me?

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this is the last thing i need to have all the parts I need to do the swap.... the swap is a 1996 EX Y8 head replacing the non vtec head on the D15b7 in my 1992 Dx. I have read alot about certain timing belt/water pump combos being too tight or not tight enough, even after the tensioner is all the way adjusted. The VX/Si/EX water pumps have 22 teeth vs. the DX 19 tooth. So I'm guessing I will need a Vtec timing belt as well, but should it be for the 96 EX head or the 92 VX or 92 Si/EX. (92 VX and Si/EX have same waterpump but different timing belt part #'s)
If I had to guess, I would buy the 96 EX timing belt but I'd hate to find out it doesn't fit after my engine is half apart...
any ideas?
92 dx hatch, soon to be fast! (for sohc ..)
Ok this was a learning experience... I got the 92 VX/Si waterpump. it only had 19 teeth, not 22. it did not fit my block. so I got the DX pump like I should have and everything is good.
The 96 EX timing belt appears to be the same size as my old 92 dx. but when i look real close at the inner surface, the pattern of the "threads' is opposite direction than on my 92 dx belt. Or you could say thet the part no. on the outside of the belt faces the opposite side. does it matter which way I put the timing belt on or is there an inside/outside edge?
Dumb question I know but this is the 1st time I made my civic fast :)