which LSD????

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Big WIll
ok ive got a b16 del sol and it doesnt see much drag racing, but im more into touge/backroads and auto x.

im looking to get a limited slip but im not sure which one to choose 1.5 or 2 way and brands, cant find too much info on reviews.

started to look into the phantom grip, but its just a cheap one way that everyone says to stay away from.

i was thinkin of an MFactory helical lsd unit, not much info on it tho and it is only $650

also wat do you think of an obx helical?????????

im also not sure what the difference between a 1.5 and 2 way are....

thanks in advance
The phantom grip puts way too much stress on your spider gears in the diff. Think about it, those gears were NOT designed to be clutches. I've heard good things about OBX. They were shitty at first, but the company has worked out the kinks.Basically they arn't cleaned before assembly, and are full of metal shavings. A quick dissassembly, clean, and reassambly has been known to make them last a while.

Quaife and OEM honda are the two best options. Mfactory is a newcomer, and I havn't heard much about them.
the thing with OBX, you gotta rebuild it before you install it.. me personally would go OEM Type R
the oem type r is wat i originally wanted to do but, im gonna have to buy a used one right????

or would i just have to buy a whole type r tranny.....
i dont have that much extra money also, but thanks for the help

any website recommendations for finding a type r lsd???
Avoid OBX; after people found out their shit was good they decided to spoil it to retain their horrible reputation.

If you're fixed on a clutch-style LSD, Kaaz makes nice unit and so does Cusco. Although, I'd recommend a Torsen style such as MFactory, Wavetrac, OE Honda, etc.
Yes, you can get a new OE ITR one....but it cost about $800-$1100 depending on which dealership. In comparison, the MFactory ones are $650 and much stronger.
if he plans on using the OEM ITR he had to get the ring gear and all. as the bolt patterns are different if im not mistaken.

obx's are good. theyve been improved upon and have been used in many high hp turbo cars here locally in kc.
Older OBX's are good*

Later OBX ones have runout issues. Refer to my comment about them ruining a good thing. Seems like they were improving it then one day just said "fuck it".
Ok well like i said we've had good luck with newer units as well as older ones.

the older ones we had to replace the bolts wither high grade bolts.
thanks for all your help....

im prolly gonna go wit the MFactory, ive heard good things bout it and its relatively cheap.