Which Way To Go?

I have a 1991 Integra And I would like some peoples opions on what to swap?

  • LS/Vtec NOTE:I have a b18a block already

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  • GSR Motor Build it up NOTE:Dont want long block

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  • Maybe h22 s

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Which choice has the most potential for the best price overall? "Dont want to go long block"
Go with the LS vtec. For about 2.5k (thats less than any swap up there) you can have a reliable 1.8l VTEC engine. Talk to LSVTEC (member on this site) about what is involved. For the LSD part, buy an aftermarket one (which is better than honda's oem ones) for about 1k and then you will have a very nice little car.
as far as performance per dollar you cant really go wrong with a LS/VTEC
i agree with these cats. since you already have the ls block, just buy a vtec head (b16a or b18c) build up the bottom end a bit, then you'll have a lil' monster on your hands..

also another benifit of doing the LSVTEC is you have the option to mix and match parts instead of just getting an OEM everythings the same. This way if you want to stick with some low compression pistons, you can throw x-brand in there, if you want hc, throw some ybrand in there and still it will cost you less than doing the GSR or ITR swap and if you do it right, you can have more hp then the above 2.
Deffinitly go ls/vtec. As Eric said, best performance per dollar. Also, i suggest the b16 head b/c it seems to have more stuff that will fit it. ITR has a b16 head with a different valve train and mild port job, so the ITR IM/header and stuff fits. With a b18c1 (gsr) head, a itr header needs mods and everytime *i* look at b-series parts, i always see (note: will not fit GSR) and shit. Plus, b16 heads are cheaper!
wHAT WAS that xbrand and ybrand stuff you were talking about?
Originally posted by Ractive78@Feb 16 2003, 10:07 PM
wHAT WAS that xbrand and ybrand stuff you were talking about?

x=one brand
y=a diffrent brand.

Basicly if you want to throw some Toda or wisco (sp?) pistons in there instead of just b16's or ITRs, it is all up to you. If you did a complete swap, your stuck with all OEM stuff. This way you can set the engine up the way you want it.
I found an ITR with under 35k for 3700 with Engine Transmission
Alternator Starter Compressor Wiring harness, Intake manifold,
Distributor, exhaust manifold normal sensors and ECU . I can most likely get shift
linkage, mounts and axels but I would advise you getting after market
with that setup. If you want the stock ones add 150$.

Should I go with this or still go for ls/vtec?
LS/VTEC all the way. You said you already have the B18B longblock, right? It'll come out a lot cheaper for you.