Why People Hate Phish ?

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(dohcvtec_accord @ Feb 7 2003, 12:58 PM)
I mean, I hate Phish as much as the next guy, but these guys made Phish seem exciting. I think they were just picked out of the audience, given instruments to play, and told to go to work.

Man why do some many people dislike this band ??
I really don't get it.

They are extreamly talented musicians.
not only do they know how to play they understand theory better than the next.
I mean sit down and actually listen to a studio album and you'd be
amazed with all that's goin on in one song. There are also so many song I can relate to from
experience. They have respect for every type of music there is, from jazz to country, from hip-hop to hard rock.
I mean what other band have you heard do covers of the beastie boys and the beatles in the same night.

I'd also have to add that almost well 9 out of 10 phish fans have an amazing love of music. there collections reach far and beyond. from the smallest band you'd never hear of ozmatali, viper house or moe. to bands like The Gratefuldead and Radiohead.

Beyond the musician they are completely in tune with there fans. I haven't paid more than $35 for a ticket to any concert. I can d/l any concert I've been to for free. Yeah they are makin money for sure, but they haven't sold out like the rest of the puke on the radio these days.

I'd really like to hear your reason for dislike of bands like Phish , with an answer far beyond "well they play 25-30 min songs in concert. " or "well all there fans are pot heads cause they're not" You've got to have a better answer than that. I know many of people who don't care to hear live phish, but love their studio work.
sounds like a good band, man the music is for your opinion, it shouldn't hurt you that some people disagree with the band, like what you like, other people shouldn't tell you who to like just you.
but yeah....I didn't really think about it but isn't this a honda swap forum and isn't anything goes for like about cars and mess around stuf flike car pics of the day but not really why do people hate phish? no pun intended....
why I don't like phish:

their music, although talented, sucks
their music, although talented, puts me to sleep
their music, although talented, reminds me only of smoking weed in 1962
their music, although talented, screams, hello, we want to be the dead, but we are too young :lol:
Originally posted by TrailorParkPimp@Feb 8 2003, 09:41 PM
i dont listen to Phish so i couldnt tell ya why i dont like them. hell i dunno even what kinda music they play.

same here but it sounds like i would probally like them. I love Dave mathews band expessaily there concert CD's. One song, it is a 5 minute drum solo, next its a ten minute sax. They swich from a country sound to jazz to instrimental.

For a great drum solo, download dave mathews band #36 Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95 (12.55 minutes long)
no offense but i cant stand Dave Mathews Band. when i lived in Charlottesville, Virginia which is where they started at from what i was told when i lived there, they were all i heard about when i lived there and i got so sick of hearing about them all the damn time. plus they aint my style of music. im more of into heavy metal/thrash metal shit.
"the author of the helping and friendly book"

err I think that's what it's called, is one of the funniest songs ever.
ooh, time to vent on what we hate? Rap music blows, they dont produce their own beats, and some dont even write their lyrics, just use others (rhymes with B. Biddy) All they do is say words that rhyne, anyone can do that...rap dosent involve skill, I could do it...you cant spell crap without rap.

On a side note, don't let whet people hate get to you, not everyone is gonna like every song by every band, that's what creates diversity, which is a good thing...Just keep on keepin' on, and you will be fine.
rap just sucks. I hate the who ghetto thug-ness that goes along with it. The dumb asses of the world now can succed and drive them escaled with dem 26's because they "kinda" read some ghey lyrics that others write. What i really hate about rap is they can't go one phucking song without mentioning there name or saying I somewhere in the dumb song.
Listens to rap > :woo:
you people that hate rap wouldn't know real hip hop if you heard it
growing up on crap punk got your minds all distorted
keep on swinging your afi do or die
as us true white thug wigga's watch you cry

------- can you tell i'm white?
Originally posted by CRX-YEM@Feb 8 2003, 08:38 PM

I mean what other band have you heard do covers of the beastie boys and the beatles in the same night.

darik and the funbags. . . www.dfunbags.com these guys are sick. . . they have a stage presence like no other cover band. . . i saw them in hartford tonight :D
anyways... back to phish. i never even herd of them until crx-yem (i think it was him) mentioned that he went to one of their concerts in a thread, then somebody else mentioned the song "bouncin' round the room", so i downloaded it, thought it was pretty good so i downloaded a bunch more of their songs... that was when i herd their version of snoop dogg's "gin and juice", funny thing is, even though it's a total spoof, i actually like the way it sounds. but anyways... from then on i've always liked them and i got about 30 of thier songs in my playlist. so... not everybody hate's 'em. :)
how did we get back on the rap topic again? I'd rather listen to an artist who's trying to be commercial and says he is then one who's trying to be commercial and talking shit on artists who sell out....

and I may sound a little rhetorical, but isn't it wrong to say these rappers are putting on an act (being hard when their not) while we wear the 0's and '1 off our new M&M

Mr. Bungle > Phish
I just dloaded "Gin and Juice" by phish and it sounds like some 60's rock. I like it, i never thought I would. Anyways, i found a new song i like :)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 9 2003, 03:24 AM
why I don't like phish:

their music, although talented, sucks
their music, although talented, puts me to sleep
their music, although talented, reminds me only of smoking weed in 1962
their music, although talented, screams, hello, we want to be the dead, but we are too young :lol:

I am going to add to that,something similar to asmallsols take on rap.When my band was on tour we left NC on our way up to Maine,Unfortunatly,we ran smack dab into the middle of a Phish tour following.As far as the eye could see was nothing but Saab's,VW's,and Volvo's.I was sickening.The stench of patchouli was everywhere.We wrote Phish sucks on the side of our van,you wouldn't believe how many people almost wanted to cry.

Back to the Saab's,VW's and Volvo's.Phish is a rip off of the Dead,and everyone that follows them around is living their hippy rebellion vicariously through them.Pretending they are hippies while sponging off their parents,spending their parents money in there parents cars.It is pathetic.Same as the gimps that claim they are thugs and bump rap.

So the way I see it rap and Phish are essentially the same.Copy cat rip offs.except that Phish play there own instuments.I'm sure the peoplle themselves are nice enough,but their music is uninspired and bland,not to mention done a long time ago by someone with conviction.
I never listened to phish, never heard them, just herd the name.

As for rap, how many people can make up poetry in their head off the bat for 3.5min. How many people can write poetry that can make sense. real rappers like 50 and nas can freestyle like that.

The people you are talking about is people like Jay Z, he steals rhymes (especially from pac and bigs). Not all rappers use other beats and other peoples lyrics. mostly pop musician use other people's lyrics. Lots make their own beat, sit in a studio and sample beats. You gotta give it to dr. dre and neptunes (N.E.R.D) for making some of the best beats.