Z6 Swap problem

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Last night we swapped a Z6 into a 94 hatch, I got a Chipped P06 Ecu and it is throwing code 21. I have no spark, or fuel. All grounds are good, fuel pump turns on, but it just cranks over. Used an EX civic harness and everything is plugged in. Code 21 is V-TEC control solenoid. We tried plugging in the stock D15 Ecu and it does the same thing. Any ideas??

Car is now throwing code 8 too, TDC sensor
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Well I would test out your dizzy maybe replace the spark pulgs with some NGK's for starters, um also check the fuel filter, if it has fuel its making it that far, then it would be between that and ya rail system. The 21 code is no worrie for now, just no vwak, um also what map was loaded onto the p06?
well if your throwing code 8 that is probably your problem why you car is not starting, i had the same problem in my car, it would start and throwing code 8 so i had a parts distributor so i just swaped out the sensor from my parts distributor in to my current distributor and it ran fine, but it you dont have a parts distributor you will probably have to get a good used distributor unless you want to pay 200 to 300 for a new distributor. good luck.
Ya it was the dizzy and we had a spare so we flipped parts and now it starts. It's my buddy's car and I said the same thing about getting a p28, thanks for your help guys.