1979 Cvcc Swap?

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My friend just bought a non-running 1979 Honda CVCC. All it needs is a new fuel pump, fuel filter, and battery. he ordered the fuel pump today for $50. But guess what? he wan't to swap the engine!!!! :blink:

I told him that since the car was so old and is carberated, it is going to be next to impossable to swap any more modern honda engine into it. But he and another friend of mine are stuborn and insist that a engine swap can be done. Now I'm sure that a first gen Prelude or Accord carberated engine will fit in and run nice but it will only be like 10-15hp over the stock motor and they want more power than that. I asked them how much do you want, they want a 88-91 CRX si engine in it. ("nothing too big" they say) I told them it wont be the trouble to try and figure out or pay someone to put only a 100hp engine in to it. so if a Si engine will fit might as well go for ZC or B16a1, but still would it be worth it even then. I told him he should just restore it for fun or show, but he wants it for race.

Does anyone know how to swap a engine in to a 1st gen civic? or what engine would work out the easyest?
I haven't heard about any.Same story as putting a F20 in a civic custom,custom,custom.If I had the car I'd just restore it and have a pimp lil ride.
NO bullshit..... its a B20 VTEC!


and 10 grand later, you have a motor that will probably bend the frame when you get on it =)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 20 2003, 01:42 AM
and 10 grand later, you have a motor that will probably bend the frame when you get on it =)

Nah... that particular Civic in those pictures has been beefed up to handle the B20, even though it only weighs something like 1700 lbs.