1996 Prelude S

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Picked up an automatic 1992 Prelude SI (non vtec) for 200$. Not running, guy claims its a wiring problem. It's a complete hack job, i'm gonna try and get it running tonight. Might fix and flip, might use for parts. Has a 2.5" straight exhaust into the cannon, a nice intake arm that just needs a good filter, and a dual cam swap. My tentative idea is to boost the F22 like I was planning, and when it dies swap the H23a1 in.
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Damn, nice grab for $200. Does it have 4 matching wheels? Or just the 3 we can see?
4th one is in the trunk. I havent tried it but im assuming it has a leak.

Also if anyone knows what model of enkei wheel that is it would help greatly.
Unearthed the stamp in the block. Turns out it has a F22B dohc, which is from the JDM 92-97 Prelude SI. It's not a great motor per say, but it seems to trade some torque for hp over the H23a1. If nothing else, it adds a little bit of "cool" factor. I wouldnt even be opposed to swapping that into my own Prelude since my entry cost is so low. Pretty nice find for 200$. Just gotta get it running and confirm the motor is in good shape.
Alright I've been tinkering with it for a little bit, long story short the ground to the motor was made out of the cable you see used for sub woofers and corroded off so I replaced it with a good ground wire from another car, and the firing order was wrong. The high pressure line has a leak and sprays fuel all over the ABS unit as well. Going to fix the fuel line and hopefully get it running.
Got it running finally. Dizzy was wired wrong, fuel line was crushed, and ground to the engine was bad. But it runs and drives! And the F22b sounds very healthy. Might steal the exhaust and intake while I prepare my car to accept the swap.
On a related note, putting my parts list together.
H23a1 Header because the old one is cracked and pretty bad looking, bottom has been scraped to hell) debating brands.
2.5" or 3" exhaust, I still want boost or nitrous to around 250whp, so maybe 3" to allow for growth. Exhaust is beat to death, poorly welded for my taste and I don't like the HKS exhaust tip. Bosozoku time.
P06 (or other non vtec obd1 manual) ECU to convert to OBD1 and get a basemap for the F22B now, and tune for whatever I do down the road.
Clutch kit, maybe stage 2? since the motor will already be out, and a Competition clutch is rated for 250wtq which I can't see passing without a motor build which I do not plan on doing.
Otherwise should be pretty much straight up.
Running into an odd issue, probably just a vacuum issue but ever since I installed that shortram intake, whenever I push the clutch in after accelerating, even if i'm not on the accelerator at all, the motor revs up briefly, almost like it's continuing to take in air, any ideas?
So I've been googling but can't find anything that answers my question to a degree that i would call "sufficient".
I have an automatic, OBD1 P75 ecu from a 1994 Integra. Can I still use this ecu even though it's automatic?
So I've been googling but can't find anything that answers my question to a degree that i would call "sufficient".
I have an automatic, OBD1 P75 ecu from a 1994 Integra. Can I still use this ecu even though it's automatic?
Yes obd1 doesnt really care and IIRC accords and preludes had stand alone TCMs , it is a different map though and will throw trans codes but shouldnt limp mode
Cool. I plan to get it chipped and tuned appropriately I just wanted to make sure the automatic thing wasn't a dealbreaker
Got my P75 chipped and basemapped, so I'm one step closer. Still undecided on clutch kit however. Leaning towards stage 3.
Yeah he didn't fully explain the process but the tuner did replace some pins on the board in addition to installing the socket and chip which were for the manual conversion.

Debating on how I want to approach the exhaust situation. A fab shop quoted me 600$ for straight 2.5" pipe, but that would be the high quality stuff. I would rather go straight pipe over ebay, and I can add resonators or whatever down the road as I see fit. I'm going to place a call into a cheaper exhaust shop where I've had patch work done and see what would be involved in them making me a cheaper system.

I also realized I can use my F22a1 header on the car which will probably be fine. DSM turbo setup is still on the table.