1996 Prelude S

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Got my no start situation sorted out. New issue though, car is idling steady at 2k rpms but sometimes bogs when I try to accelerate. Overall acceleration is very choppy. Any ideas? It seemed to run fine in the car I pulled it from
Alright I'm an idiot. Had cylinders 2 and 3 backwards on the dizzy. Cleaned my IACV and Throttlebody and it smoothed out the idle considerably. I'm experiencing some hesitancy at high rpms, but it rips down low. Cap and rotor are on order from Honda.

It does have a weird idle issue though. Basically, it'll sit at 750 like a good little Honda, and then when i blip the throttle it'll hold at 2000. And then if i blip the throttle a couple times, it'll eventually "fall" back down to 750 and sit there. A friend said it sounds like a throttle cable, but you can't find any new OEM throttlecables so I'm left with aftermarket which I'm not thrilled about, though they are cheap enough (~20$).