B16A Swap Problems

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West West Yall
A good friend of mine blew up his EF last week (shifted from 4th to 1st on the highway). He needed a commuter so I sold him my old B16A swap that was in my CRX. Everything performed well in the CRX.

His car is a '90 Civic DX.

-MPFI conversion
-OBD0 to OBD1 conversion
-Stock P30 ECU


The motor will idle fine and rev up to about 3-4k RPM then just sputter and not rev any higher.

The main relay only kicks in when you tap it so were going to change that. We will also try a new fuel filter.

What else could it be?? I think ignition problem or fuel delivery...


Honda Minion
Check engine light bulb is still working?

Reads like a limp mode....that's why I asked about the bulb still good on this hatch.

Check MPFI wiring (if only the integrity of the connections)


West West Yall
Turned out to be bad gas. We drained the tank, filled up on premium and put in some injector cleaner. The powerband still doesn't feel right so were doing the fuel filter tomorrow.